Friendster and lonely men

I joined Friendster last month. It’s always intrigued me, but I just never got around to joining. So I finally put up my profile, messaged a few friends who are already members, invited some new people to join. It’s been really awesome for getting me in touch with some good friends I haven’t heard from in awhile (I love you, S.L., R., & L.L.!!), and I’ve also caught up with some acquaintances I’ve made over the past few years.

I’ve got a lot of pending “friends,” mostly from people I know who joined a few years ago and haven’t logged back in since, oh, 2003. So I’m guessing I won’t hear from them. 🙂 Also, I tend to notice that Friendster is a young singleton’s domain, and a lot of my good friends are more adult than me (married, engaged, in grad school), so they naturally don’t have as much time as I do–occasionally–to fart around on the internet.

There’s the option that only people closely connected to you can read your profile, but I haven’t selected that, because the messages I’ve been getting from complete strangers are FAR too entertaining at the moment. I think eventually I’ll tire of them, but for now, it’s providing me with a lot of amusement. Per H.’s request, I’m going to post a “best-of.”

Basically, the messages from strangers fall into 2 categories:
1) men living in Seoul (subcategories– a) army, b) Korean men with artsy fartsy profiles, c) English teachers)
2) men living in totally different countries who want someone to “talk” to

I’ll give you some from the 2nd category first, since those are the funniest:

  • hi dear. like yr dancing pose [my photo on my profile was taken by Santoki during a drunken evening in Hongdae], very eloquent, like to have you as my friend, me single and working in spore, looking for more overseas friends to broaden my social life, cheers

I found out that “spore” was actually “Singapore.”
Here’s another one that I think is the BEST of the best:

  • i love you sarah. Hi, when i saw ur profile i fell in love, my name is emmanuel 25y of age nigerian but study in philippine, incase you want to know more about me call my number ********* , bye 4 now.

I also had an equally strange one from a man in Pakistan. He’s quite handsome, though, actually. Hmmm, Pakistan . . . Korea . . . I suppose love really does know no bounds.

The army guys all look like meatheads (I’m being stereotypical, I’m sure some of them are very sensitive and read Sylvia Plath before bedtime), and their messages are wholly uninteresting, so I won’t post any of them here.

Anyway, I did actually respond to one guy who’s teaching English here to whom I’m connected via Santoki. He caught my interest b/c he actually remembers reading Bunnicula as a child and knew one of the sequels, The Celery Stalks at Midnight. I’m also considering messaging someone who claims to be a part-time model (yum!). 😉

In all seriousness, this is just a funny social experiment for me at the moment. I have heard of serious couples who met through Friendster . . . but I don’t think that will happen for me until I’m back in Seattle. Anyway, it’s addicting, so it’s probably a good thing my web browser at my apartment can’t support it–so I can only look at it at work!

**UPDATE–I did message the alleged model, and I noticed on his profile that he’s a Florida State University alum. So I mentioned that my dad was a Seminole . . . and pretty-boy messaged me back incredulously, “Wow, you’re part Korean/part American Indian?? That’s cool . . .” Oh, lord.



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2 responses to “Friendster and lonely men

  1. Anonymous

    Your blog post cracks me up. I think you’re funny.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah, that dude isn’t hot… eeeeeeeeeeh.

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