So I haven’t posted in almost two weeks . . . mostly because things continue to be just really insane around these parts. Each time that I start thinking, “Okay, it’s going to be chill for a bit,” that’s when the rug gets pulled out from under me. Oh, well, c’est la vie.

But I’ve found enough time to clean out my e-mail inboxes, which is always a fun thing for me to do. I really miss so many of you back in the States!!! As I’ve told a lot of you, I’ve been nurturing this fantasy of having some sort of big reunion in Vegas when I’m back. Well, it’d be a reunion for me–if my fantasy came true, there would be many people there who don’t know each other. I always love it when friends from different areas of my life meet and greet. The ultimate will be if S. and K. make it to Seoul to visit me this summer. I can just see us now . . . I can take them to my favorite lounge in Hongdae, we can shop ’til we drop in Myong Dong. If they had ovens in Korea, I’d have K. make one of her famous loaves of banana bread, which we could then devour in honor of the old days in Boston.

This weekend, I have to go to the west coast of Korea with my co-workers in a kind of retreat, which they call “camping.” I went on a similar trip last fall, which was torturous since I had a sinus infection, and there was a karaoke machine in the house we were staying at. (In all seriousness, I love karaoke and noraebang, just not when I’m sick. I did, however, sing a fabulous rendition of Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” with my roomie, the recently-fired B.) Anyway, it’s not really camping, per se, because we don’t pitch tents or have to pee in the bushes. Last time, we went to this really, really nice country house. This time, I believe we’ll be in the Korean version of a time-share condo. It’ll be on the beach, and we get to go clam-digging. It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t so much “scheduled fun.” Meaning, they don’t let us just sit around on our asses, they way we’d want to. We have to do various things such as three-legged races, charades, etc. BUT–they do provide us with free food and alcohol, which is a plus. I used to really love and enjoy retreats during my AmeriCorps years and wondered about people who bitched about them, but now I understand. The thing with me back then was that all of my friends were also in AmeriCorps, so I would’ve hung out with them on the weekend anyway. Now, all of my close friends live in Seoul, and I never see them during the week, so my weekends are that much more precious to me. I’m going to be missing out on a very cool fundraiser on Saturday . . . but it’s all good because . . .

I’m going to HONG KONG next weekend!!!

N., H., and I will travel from Korea to HK and meet up with K. & N., this really cool couple I met last winter who are currently finishing up a year teaching in China. It’s going to be a blast being in a different city, eating some authentic international food (the Indian and Thai restaurants in Seoul, well . . . they suck). I can’t wait to enjoy some warm weather, have some great conversations, and not be surrounded by screaming children (they are cute little devils, though, and I will post pix asap).



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2 responses to “Recovery

  1. Hey Sarah,

    Now that your here in Hong Kong…what do you think? Hope to hear about your hilarious stories you spoke about in one of your postings. Since I can talk to you in person…I’ll do that instead.



  2. h

    i hate screaming children… even if they are cute little devils… i guess that’s why the call me a five… ha!

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