Biding my time . . .

. . . until I’m on the plane to Hong Kong!! Just a few more days. Make a few appearances at work, you know the deal.

The JEL camping trip went about as expected, in fact, it was much more enjoyable than the one I went on last fall. They spent Saturday dragging us around to several different places (beach–3 quick games of dodgeball w/ Korean rules, not Ben-Stiller-rules; forest/garden; various photo ops). It was cool, except we all would’ve preferred to stay at one place longer rather than constantly being on the move.

It was surprisingly cool in the evening, but we had a great time gorging ourselves at dinner–kimchi jigae tastes even better when you’re chilled by the sea breeze. Had clams on the grill. Afterwards, we all did a gift exchange, and then we retired to our segregated (per our director’s wishes) quarters: foreign female staff upstairs, foreign male staff downstairs, Korean staff next door. The Koreans stayed up late playing Korean poker and getting wasted (our director was miffed when they were hung over the next morning–what did he expect???). The guys watched sports and played cards. And the women . . . well, we played cards, too, or rather I listened to them play cards as I dozed due to my beer- & soju-induced drowsiness. It kind of morphed into a weird, post-post-adolescent slumber party, as we gossiped about work, braided each other’s hair (believe it or not), and actually played MASH (do you remember this game??? Come on, you know you know . . . “Mansion,” “Apartment,” “Shack,” or “House.”). I know this was not my first choice for weekend entertainment, but you can’t really refuse an invitation for these “camping” trips at the risk of offending our boss. And you have to play by the rules (even the married couples had to sleep separately). Anyway, I had a good time, although I’m looking forward to cutting loose and having more age-appropriate fun in Hong Kong.

The clam-digging was both fun and a disappointment. It was fun, because the views were spectacular, and I got to try something new. It was a disapointment in that we didn’t come back with the bags and bags of clams I envisioned us lugging onto the bus. In fact, between the 13 foreign teachers, we found, oh, maybe six clams. Woo-hoo. It’s pretty difficult, actually, b/c you have to dig quickly enough so that they don’t escape, but you have to be careful not to destroy them in the process (I think I sliced up a few in this way).

Anyway, I came back on Sunday and did my first, real, spring-cleaning of the new apartment. It feels really good to be “caught up” in all areas of my life right now. So of course it’s nice to have that sense of calm, but as usual I’m over it and now I’m itching to move on to the next thing. Hong Kong!! This morning, I was fantasizing about going to NC for B. & A.’s wedding next month . . . I really, really, really, really wish I could be there. It seems like only yesterday that the wind was making me eat my hair while we posed for pictures at S. & T.’s wedding on the beach.

Ahhhh . . . there are many things I often consider posting and then don’t for fear of it becoming public record. I guess that’s for e-mail and my journal. I have some hilarious, hilarious stories, however, from the past week of me trying to be a good listener. Mmm, just ask me sometime and I’ll spill. 🙂


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  1. woot!


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