Ah, Hong Kong . . .

Ah, Hong Kong . . .
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Here’s a little blurry photo of Hong Kong Island taken from Kowloon. Even though it was pretty hazy our entire time there, I think it makes the skyline here look pretty cool. They had a light show around 9 p.m. that lit up the buildings with fireworks.

I got back from the trip on Tuesday night. It was just what I needed!!! It was interesting being in such an international city with a really pan-Asian feel to it. We mainly did four things in Hong Kong:
1) Great conversations
2) Eating
3) Drinking
4) Shopping
Actually, my favorite part of the trip was probably just hanging out on the Maryknoll balcony chatting away with K., N., H., & N. about everything from Friends episodes to racial identity. Even though I paid for sitting outside with a nice collection of mosquito bites that I didn’t discover until I was back in Seoul. 🙂 It was worth it, though!!

Anyway, thanks to K. & N. for being fantastic tour guides and equally fantastic company!! I’ll try wheatgrass one of these days . . . 🙂 And you guys always have a place to stay in Seattle, where I can play tour guide.

I’m currently in the process of trying to figure out how to upload a large batch of photos onto my Flickr site (love Flickr–love it!!), so that’s how I’m going to direct everyone to my photos instead of Shutterfly from now on. So once I figure that out, you’ll be able to view my few Hong Kong photos that weren’t totally blurry from my piece o’ shit Olympus.

So Hong Kong was a nice break from work and from Korea in general. Good food (Indian, Thai, mangos, mmmmmm), good people, what more could a girl ask for??



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3 responses to “Ah, Hong Kong . . .

  1. Hey! I miss you already. Your time in HK went by so fast. Time flies when you’re having fun…the picture looks good. The weather is still the same so you’re not missing any beach fun – we have actually been doing some indoor activities including the HK History Museum…hopefully we can play and continue great conversations in Seattle or Minneapolis!

  2. uhhhh

    what more could a girl ask for? how about lots of sex with some hot guy? that’s what a girl could ask for..

  3. Focker's Friend


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