Woo-hoo! I probably sent you an e-mail already about this, but I figured out how to upload all of my photos onto Flickr. Actually, if you just click on my Hong Kong skyline photo below, it’ll take you to my webpage where all of my photos are (all of my recent photos, that is). If I ever have massive amounts of time, I’ll put some old stuff onto Flickr, but I doubt it. Anyway, since I consider myself kind of a computer dunce, I’m very happy that I got this photo hosting mess straightened out!

Today was a holiday in Korea–Children’s Day–so I didn’t have to work. Yessssss. I basically spent today messing with photos online, doing laundry, and cursing the pirated-DVD-gods b/c my newly-purchased Hong Kong DVDs of Sideways and Team America: World Police are corrupted and won’t play in B.’s Playstation. I was, however, able to watch Mean Girls and Anchorman. So it’s been a nice, slow day, and now I’m ready to run wild in Seoul this weekend (haven’t been up in three weeks so I’m overdue)!



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3 responses to “Photos!

  1. Fusion Grrrl


  2. h

    AGH! you watched the movies without me, you geek! wait until i get back to koroot..

  3. Ah, but I still haven’t seen “Sideways”! Do you still have it on your computer???

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