Last Hong Kong picture, I promise

Hong Kong
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Well, I thought I’d finish posting Hong Kong pics with this gem–of course I’m always, constantly drinking water, and this is particularly funny b/c the Hong Kong Maryknoll house chooses to put theirs in Jim Beam bottles. Plus, you can see a miniature version of the landscape in the bottle. đŸ™‚ Whenever I see Just, who traveled with us to Vietnam, he always asks me if I still drink as much water as I did on that trip–and the answer is, of course, YES! I don’t know, I guess the whole drinking water thing started with me towards the end of Creighton, when I finally became more health-conscious. Plus, I have a natural tendency towards excess when it comes to consumption (which I’ve been trying my entire life to curb).

Anyway, this post wasn’t supposed to be about my water-drinking habits. I had a cool weekend in Seoul. Caught up on all the happenings that went on while I was “camping” and Hong-Kong-ing. Went to see the Lantern Parade on Jongno with H., C., and T. Also celebrated J.S.’s birthday (belatedly) last Saturday. Later visited The Lounge, saw its remodeling. Coming up this weekend is my halmoni’s birthday party in Suwon, so I won’t be staying at KoRoot again until later in the month. I need to save some money!!! My doctor in Sanbon asked me if I could tutor his son this summer (he wants to take the SAT II Subject Test in American History–yeesh). . . at which my eyes immediately lit up with $ signs, BUT I would have to travel to Gangnam at least twice during the week, which is quite a hike from Sanbon.

Ugh, I’m wearing my glasses today b/c my contacts were giving me fits yesterday. I kind of like how I look more “intellectual” (or “post-modern”. . . or “pretentious,” heehee), but damn, do they give me a headache! Anyway, I added K. & N.’s Hong Kong photos (thanks, H.!) to my Flickr site, so if you don’t feel satiated from my blog, go check that out.


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One response to “Last Hong Kong picture, I promise

  1. h

    pics = wilkomen
    your halmoni’s bday = cool
    not coming to koroot = wtf?!

    i know where you live! well, no, not really, but you’re not coming to koroot? booo…

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