My “Fifth” Aunt

Halmoni’s Birthday
Originally uploaded by sarahhyunah.

When I was born, Fifth Aunt was living next door to my parents. She remembers bathing me and helping to take care of me for the few months I spent with my mother. She was strongly opposed to giving me away for adoption, although my father saw to it that it happened. When I saw her on Saturday, she was very happy to see me and said that my face is the same as when I was a baby. There’s many things I know she wants to tell me, but it’s frustrating b/c my Korean is so, so limited. Through my cousin, we talked about how my birthday (October 21) may actually be the lunar date, because she remembers that it was a very cold day when I was born.


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  1. melon bar


    great pics… family is such a phenomenal thing. it’s so neat (for lack of better words) that we get to see this part of your life…

    love ya!
    melon bar maniac

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