Congratulations to B. & A.!!!

Lily Class: Congrats
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Here’s the picture I sent to B. & A. . . . Congratulations to them, since they will officially tie the knot on Sunday the 29th. They’re getting married in Manteo, North Carolina on the Outer Banks. My family spent a vacation there over ten years ago (along with L.–good times). I wish I could magically transport myself to the wedding this weekend. First of all, I haven’t seen B. in a long time, and we were all together two years ago when S. and T. got married in Hawaii. Secondly, B. has excellent, discriminating taste, so I know her wedding will be gorgeous. I’ve already seen pix of the gown, and it’s fabulous. I’ll have to experience the weekend vicariously through pictures.

B. and I first met when we were both in high school, although we didn’t get to know each other better until later. I used to work at Coffee Selection, a ridiculous coffee store within Oak Park Mall in Kansas. Anyway, I worked with B.’s childhood friend, so that’s how we met (also how I met S.’s future husband, T.–crazy!!). S., B., and I all ended up in the same dorm for freshman year at Creighton, and the rest is history. It’s hard to believe that eight years have passed since then . . . and they’re both married (or about to be) with “real” jobs, while I’m, ahem, NOT married and keep floating through one-year job contracts. Anyway, even though we don’t get to see each other often, I care a great deal about B., and I wish her all the happiness in the world and hope this weekend is a blast (as well as the two-week Italian honeymoon–shouldn’t be hard!).

As I just read through this entry, I’m realizing how silly all of these abbreviations are. I guess I want to protect people’s privacy, but seeing as how I have only given my blog address out to actual friends, I wonder if I really need to do so. Any thoughts?

In other news, my roommate moved out last weekend. I have no idea if/when I’m getting a new one. Only 58 more working days! (Might get shaved down a bit since I asked to have Aug. 19th as my last day.) This weekend, we’ll be saying farewell to H. (until she returns in August), so that will be fun–dancing and late nights in Hongdae, oh yeah.


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  1. S & T

    great picture…todd (i mean “T”)wants to know what is going on with the kid holding up the “s”??? hehehehe….

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