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My younger sister, Mi Hye, sent me a text-message last week begging me to come to Everland on Monday (Korea’s Memorial Day holiday). Everland is the Korean version of Disneyland (although it really reminded me more of Busch Gardens, but I digress), complete with generic mouse characters who eerily resemble Mickey and Minnie. I have to admit that I wasn’t jumping up & down to go, but it’s always nice to spend time with my sisters. Even though the language barrier is very frustrating, we learn more about each other each time I see them. So even amidst all the consumerism and artificiality, there was bonding! (I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I really think amusement parks–along with most science museums and zoos–are more enjoyable when you’re with kids….) Anyway, we talked about having them come visit me this winter in the States!! That would be wonderful, and I hope Mom and Dad could make the trip up to Seattle to meet them . . .


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