Rejection = Money Neuroticism

I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to find out whether I got a graduate assistantship position at the UW’s Carlson Center. Well, the bad news is that I didn’t get it. This is the second assistantship that I’ve been rejected from. Statistically, it’s pretty difficult to snag these highly coveted positions, because they’re such a sweet deal: full tuition remission plus a monthly stipend of around $1,300. But what makes this all sting even more is that I would’ve gladly done both assistantship positions for free–that’s how interested I was in doing the work. The first was going to be working with the Department of American Ethnic Studies (which includes Asian/Pacific-American studies), the second was with the Carlson Center (UW’s version of CCSJ–meaning they promote service learning and connect the university with community non-profit organizations). The latter was so ideally suited for me, it seemed tailor-made.

So . . . I feel like I lost out on about $18,000 for next year. I know I could always try to get a job once I’m in Seattle, but right now I’m kind of wallowing in self-pity. On the up-side, now I have more flexibility in when I can arrive in Seattle in September, and I’m going to have a staggering amount of free time for autumn quarter.



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2 responses to “Rejection = Money Neuroticism

  1. missin' melon bars

    you know, the assistantships sound fantastic really. i know you were wanting one pretty bad, but HEY! you got into UW’s GRAD PROGRAM! you can’t lose anything you didn’t have to begin with, you know? damn, woman! by this time next year you’ll be moving mountains… i’m so proud of you!

    ok, i’m done being sappy 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hang in there. i think you’re exceptionally smart and that things will work out for you. keep your confidence up even in this difficult time.

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