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Yoshitomo Nara
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I actually went to see this exhibit with R. a few weeks ago in Seoul. It featured the work of Yoshitomo Nara, a Japanese neo-pop artist (Super Flat movement). I’d seen a show of his at the MOMA in New York City, back in November ’02 when K., D., A., and I ran around freezing our asses off during Thanksgiving break. That was my first trip to New York City, and even though the temps were frigid and we had to stay at A.’s place in Long Island, it was a blast.

Anyway, I was super-excited to see this huge poster advertising a solo exhibit here at the Rodin Gallery! It was nice to do something cultural for a change, because it’s often difficult to squeeze in everything on the weekends. I’m averaging about one cultural thing (excluding movies) a month. In May, I went with B. to see Turandot, a Puccini opera set in Peking, China. Expensive tickets, but pretty good seats. Nothing coming up in the immediate future . . . but I’m hoping N. and I will make a trip down to Busan in a few weeks.


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