Student life awaits . . . yes!!

Wanna know what’s on tap for me this fall? Are you like me, romanticizing the days of student life past? Rolling out of bed at 10:00 a.m. to start your day, having large chunks of the day to choose to do what you want & where you want to do it, feeling like you’re on the cusp of something great. There’s also the downside: being broke all the time, having projects that loom over your head for the entire semester, taking required classes that induce narcolepsy. But I’ve kind of forgotten all the bad stuff–it’s like moving amnesia. Each time, I always forget what a huge pain in the ass moving actually is–but the end result is always worth it! Anyway, I’m hoping that four years in the working world will make me truly appreciate being a student. I now realize just how pampered life at a university is, and you can bet I’m going to take full advantage of that this time around. Also, I’m fortunate that now I’m actually going to be studying things that mean something to me; I won’t just be going through the motions of fattening up my G.P.A. And I think I know enough now to not get caught up in the pressure of being the perfect student–I’d like to think that I know what really matters, that there’s a whole world outside of the walls of academia.

Anyway, after that long-winded introduction, here’s some of the classes I’ll be taking at the Evans School this fall:

Foundations of American Democracy
Public Management I
Microeconomic Policy Analysis
Race & Public Policy

The last class is being taught by Eric Liu, author of such books as The Accidental Asian: Notes of a Native Speaker. He was also a domestic policy advisor for the Clinton administration. Cool! So I’m very excited for my Race & Public Policy class.

There’s been a bit of a problem with registering for my Korean class. Apparently, UW divides its Korean classes into “heritage” and “non-heritage” learners. Meaning, students who grew up with Korean parents are considered “heritage” learners. Even if they didn’t speak Korean at home often, they will learn at a faster pace than those like myself who are starting from scratch. Anyone who identifies as a “non-heritage” learner still has to have an in-person interview with Dr. Kim, the instructor for all the Korean language classes. She refuses to correspond over e-mail. I’m not sure what the purpose of the in-person interview is. My suspicion is that she’s trying to weed out lazy gyopos (Korean-Americans) who want an easy “A.” But I explained to her over e-mail twice that I’m an adoptee, that I grew up with white American parents, that I didn’t know any Korean people until I was in my twenties, etc. So she said that she’ll hold a spot for me, but I still can’t register (I need an entry code) for the class until I arrive on campus and can see her in person. I have a feeling that she’ll make me take a placement test since I’ve been living in Korea for the past year, but I haven’t learned anything at all beyond how to say “go right” and “go left” to taxi drivers and how to order in restaurants. I know some words here and there, but there’s absolutely no way I could be in a class that’s level II or in a class with people who grew up hearing Korean spoken in their homes. No way!!!

Well, wanna know what’s going on with me now, in the present? Not much new to report. D.W. came back from Switzerland last week, so I was happy to see him. Korea’s not the same without Santoki! J. came back from her jaunt to Japan–she hiked all the way to the top of Mount Fuji. KoRoot’s celebrating its 2nd anniversary this week. Even though I don’t get off until 7 p.m. on Thursday, I’m going to try to make it for the celebration, seeing as how I’ve spent nearly every weekend at KoRoot this year. I may be getting a new roommate on July 14th, but that’s just a rumor at work. My sisters are going to stay with me at KoRoot on July 30th, which will be good for some bonding time and also some people can translate for us as well. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately . . . my body is protesting b/c it needs to be more active and it needs to eat better foods. But I’m kind of procrastinating on that until I’m back in the States. It’s been raining all week here!!! I’m going to get enough of this nonsense in Seattle over the winter, so I’m ready for some sun. Even so, some of the extreme blah-ness that I was feeling recently has abated, because the end is so close . . .

Happy 4th of July everybody! I’m reading My Life, Bill Clinton’s autobiography at the moment. I can barely prop it up when I’m reading in bed.


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  1. h

    yeah, i’ve decided you are not allowed to go to grad school. you’re going to have to stay in seoul for as long as i’m there. stupid grad school. stupid seattle. but, alas, you must move on with your life and to that i say…


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