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So this past weekend, I went down to Busan finally with N. It was so nice to get away from Seoul for a change of pace. We ended up splurging and staying at the Westin Chosun Beach Hotel–pretty swanky! Although they were in the process of remodeling their lobby in anticipation of the APEC conference this weekend.

Busan seemed more low-key than Seoul. We didn’t see as many glammed-out fashionistas teetering on ridiculous high heels. We spent all of our time at and around Haeundae Beach, which has got to be the most crowded beach in Korea. But being neck and neck with the person next to you didn’t seem to damper the spirits of people on the beach.

Busan is known for its raw fish, so I picked out a restaurant in my Lonely Planet. We asked the taxi driver to take us there, but he was adamant that we shouldn’t go there, because it was a Chinese-owned place. So instead, he took us to a different area with several seaside restaurants. We sat down at a lovely table outside and almost fell off our stools when we saw the price of a raw fish meal–100,000 won for two people which is about $100 U.S.!!! So instead, we got some clams and shellfish and grilled those over hot coals. It was yummy, although later on we had clams again with T., R., and T.’s siblings, so I don’t think I can eat clams again for a long time.

Anyway, it was a short trip, but it was worth it. We also got to ride the new KTX bullet train . . . only 2 1/2 hours between Seoul and Busan!


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  1. Sounds crazy, but I can’t get enough of your entries! I love reading about all of your experiences while “floating” around Korea.

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