Jumunjin Beach

Jumunjin Beach
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Last weekend, I went to Jumunjin Beach with my family. It winded up being another big reunion, with nearly everyone who attended Halmoni’s 80th birthday party showing up. I’m still amazed at the sheer number of relatives I have. And so many cute cousins!

You’ll notice that people are wearing clothes in the ocean. That’s Korean-style. Most people wear an entire outfit of clothes over their bathing suit. I think this is starting to change, however, because I saw a fair number of bikinis on Haeundae Beach in Busan. Jumunjin is not as hip as Haeundae, however. There was one lone woman in a bikini, and my aunts giggled upon seeing her. I figured, “When in Rome . . . ” so I wore my cousin’s bathing suit and proceeded to put shorts and a t-shirt over it. I felt really heavy in the water, but at least I wasn’t self-conscious about my thighs. 🙂 Given the option, however, I’d prefer NOT to wear clothes when swimming.


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  1. yeah… couldn’t imagine wearing clothes over a bathing suit, while in the water.

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