Time is flying by

Wow, I’ve only got one week left at JEL! It’s been a crazy week, because two of our staff members (a married couple) decided to hightail it back to Canada over the weekend. The claim it was a family emergency, but those of us remaining think otherwise. Their desks were completely cleaned out when we checked, and they’d left an envelope of money, presumably for bills.

I posted a few pictures from K. & S.’s visit to Korea–just scroll down to see those. I made a special set on my Flickr site. I also added some pictures of friends and family from the past few weeks.

This weekend, I’ll be attending the GOA’L conference at Konkuk University. I’m moderating one of the workshops, and I’ll also be speaking on a panel about reunions with birth family. It should be a good time–a chance to see everyone together and maybe meet some new faces.

My posts may be increasingly sporadic as I wind up my time in Korea, although once I’m finished working, I’ll have considerably more free time. 🙂


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