Disturbing Sight

Today, while I was getting ready for work, I looked out my window to the apartment building down the hill, and I noticed a man on about the 20th floor sitting on his windowsill. To give you an idea of what our apartments are like (and how TALL they are), go here.

I wondered what he was doing. My first thought was that maybe he was trying to hang his bedding outside to dry (many people throw wet comforters over their balconies). Before I realized what was happening, however, this man climbed out of his window and let himself free-fall 20 stories. I could even hear the sickening sound of him hitting the ground below. However, I couldn’t see anything, because the trees obscured everything. I think if I had seen the result, I’d be even more disturbed than I am now.

I didn’t see any smoke coming out of his apartment, so I don’t think there was a fire. Besides, if there was, I think the firefighters would probably go up to a floor closer to his and have him jump a shorter distance. I kept waiting to hear if there was any yelling from witnesses, but although I think I heard someone shout something, afterwards it was eerily silent.

This was one of those surreal moments, like watching the Twin Towers collapse. It’s so terrible that you think to yourself, “This can’t be real; it must be a movie.” One of my other thoughts was, maybe they were actually filming a movie and this was a stunt. But that seems unlikely, because it was a very long fall, and Sanbon isn’t exactly a hotspot for movie shoots.

I had to go to work, and I told my co-workers about it. We’ll be watching the news tonight to see if there’s anything about the incident.



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2 responses to “Disturbing Sight

  1. that’s eerie. i hope you’re doing okay considering. wow…

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