Last Day at JEL

Last Day at JEL
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I never did find out any information about the man who jumped from his apartment building. It wasn’t in the news, and I don’t speak Korean well enough to ask the building doorman . . .

Last Thursday was my final day at JEL. In a way, it felt like any other day. We had a BBQ that evening to celebrate the end of summer intensive. Everything was a whirlwind, but most days at JEL are like that anyway. It won’t fully sink in that I’m gone until some more time has passed. There were many frustrating times, but there were also a lot of hilarious moments, and I got to teach cuties like this guy, Eric. Although I couldn’t do another year, I have no regrets about choosing JEL. Lots of fond memories and funny stories . . . like when my students giggled when I told them my age. They then made motions with their hands indicating a large tummy–they wanted to know if I had babies!


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  1. cute… such a great experience!

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