Swan Song in Seoul

Ladies Dinner
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I’m back in Kansas City . . . or Overland Park to be more precise. Some things never change!! Except for a few new stores here and there, suburbia is still just as bland as I remembered it. But it’s good to see my parents, of course.

I had a fantastic final weekend in Seoul. Friday–drinks at Hippo and clubbing. Saturday–Stefano’s b-day party at The Doors, tequila at The Lounge, and dancing at S Club. Sunday–bulgogi dinner and later coffee and cake with my favorite girls in Korea. I spent an impromptu night in Sanbon on Monday night (bank fiasco), and Tuesday was spent with good friends. My uncle drove me to the airport on Wednesday along with his wife and my sisters. They helped me check in, and then we shared my last Korean meal in Korea. I had soon dubu, my wintertime favorite.

I cried a lot Sunday-Wednesday, because this year has been very special for me, and even though I know I’ll return relatively soon, it won’t be quite the same. I was so scared to move to Korea, and it’s now my second home. I’ve got so much to look forward to in Seattle, but for now I’m feeling nostalgic . . . probably because I’m dreading all the hassles of moving.

I can’t really put into words how important this past year was for me, and I don’t think I’ll fully realize how it’s impacted my life until I’m more settled in the States again.

So the purpose of my blog will change a bit . . . now my friends and family in Korea will be checking in to see how I’m doing Stateside . . . .


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  1. Interesting…i used to live in Kansas City too (Mission to be exact), and now i am in Seattle. Came across your blog from the comment you left at KAB.–>

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