Brief stop in the MidWest

Welcome Back Open House
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Here I’m with my good friend, L. (who hates pictures but I couldn’t resist putting this up, because we look so cute). We go way back–waaaay back–to elementary school. The summer before first grade, we both took swimming lessons at the Belton pool. Now she’s all grown-up with a nice apartment and a fun job editing books at a publishing company.

Things have been mostly good, although inwardly I’m really missing Korea and freaking out about finding an affordable apartment in Seattle. I wanted to find a sandwich at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night and was dismayed to see that practically everything was closed. I finally pulled into Whole Foods, where I had to have them scrape something together in the back. I miss Seoul with its 24-hour restaurants, shopping, everything! Seattle will be slightly more lively, thankfully.

I’m so jet-lagged . . . I keep having to take naps in the afternoon, which is probably why I haven’t packed anything at all yet.

Hm, I need to stop whining! I miss my friends and family in Korea, but it’s good to see my parents and old friends in KC, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Seattle crowd . . . and starting school, yikes.


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  1. Sarah, your friend L. looks kind of like Charlotte on Sex and the City- long brown hair and brown eyes and a little in the smile. But your friend is prettier. You look smashing for someone who’s been jet lagged.

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