On the road again . . .

I’m currently in Rapids City, South Dakota at the Holiday Inn Express with my mom. Nothing really all that exciting to report, other than that I’m surprised that they have free high-speed internet! I’d forgotten how big the sky looks on the Great Plains . . . quite different than Seoul, where the horizon is always obscured by high-rise buildings. I find it both beautiful and isolating–there’s nothing around except cows. Growing up, I always thought the ultimate punishment would be to live in one of the tiny towns along the interstate. I still believe that. 🙂 But South Dakota is a beautiful state–more so than I can say for my semi-home state of Kansas.

Since I finally invested in a new PowerBook, I’ve been having all sorts of fun! Particularly with my iPod and MSN messenger. I’ve finally joined the 21st century.



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2 responses to “On the road again . . .

  1. Yeah! Congratulations on entering the 21st century. I have too. Slowly but surely. It’s way fun~ Hope your doing well, sweetie! Kelli

  2. I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn in Bakersfield, CA and was quite pleased that they had the free high speed internet.

    Macs are just fun. Plain and simple.

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