Getting By

Wing Luke Museum
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Imagine my surprise when my mom and I stopped by the Wing Luke Asian Museum in the I.D., and I saw this little quote in one of the cases of the Asian & Pacific Islsander Adoptees exhibit! It’s an excerpt from an interview I did over a year ago, right before I left for Korea. I think I was talking about growing up in good ol’ Belton, Missouri . . . here’s the text that was printed (what are blogs for if not self-promotion):

“I developed this crazy notion that having more money meant that I would be happy, that having more money meant that you were not ignorant or that you were more educated and more enlightened. I think my parents saw it as me becoming ultra materialistic, but what I was wanting was to be in an environment where people were educated and had open minds and had a multitude of experiences. Unfortunately, in our society that meant you had to have some money in order to experience that because when I was really young, the people I had around me were just struggling to make ends meet. They didn’t have that luxury of educating themselves beyond what they gained in school or to travel or see different parts of the world. So I went through high school sort of just through a daze and I really started cracking down on myself grade-wise, and I also kind of went into a shell where I didn’t want to offend anyone, so I’m going to be the sweetest, nicest person you’ll ever meet.”

I guess I speak in run-on sentences. But anyway, that pretty much summarizes my obsession with being perfect back in the day. I feel lucky that I woke up from that, because it’s made me much happier.



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2 responses to “Getting By

  1. Anonymous

    wa~~ amazing! ^^ so many coincidences, but i do not believe in coincidences.

    many blessings to you on your path

  2. Cool! So, does this count as “fame”?

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