That was quick! I have an apartment–yay!! Or rather, I’m renting a fabulous room in a fabulous condo on Eastlake owned by the fabulous B., my new roommate. I had a good feeling about him all along, ever since I saw his ad on CraigsList for a “hot ‘n’ sexy roommate.” Naturally, I answered his ad. We got along really well when we met yesterday, and his mom was also there (a very warm and nurturing lady). The place is beautiful, it’s in a good location, and most of all, I think we’ll have good chemistry together. After living with 16 different people in the last three years, I’ve gotten pretty good at sizing roommates up, if I do say so myself. It’s too bad my mom had to go back to KC yesterday, because I’m sure she would’ve been relieved to see the new place and meet B.

And . . . I have a cell phone! (*sigh of relief* as I relax in my chair)

So . . . apartment–check. Phone–check. Today, I will meet up with an old friend, A., and then it’s down to IKEA to get the cheapest, albeit comfortable, mattress I can find as well as a desk.


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  1. Email me your phone number when you get a second. I’m glad you’re settling into Seattle.

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