Time flies

I keep having to remind myself that it’s October . . . part of my brain still hasn’t fully registered that it is no longer summer, and in fact my birthday and the holidays are right around the corner.

I have some lovely Seattle pictures, but I haven’t found the time to post them quite yet . . . . My first week in Seattle, I was bored to tears at not having enough to do, and now–well, let’s just say that last night, I fell asleep at midnight reading my Public Management case study, and I had to complete my Korean homework at 3 a.m. this morning. Student life strikes again!

I’m having some difficulty in adjusting fully to being back. My life in Seattle is so totally different than it was a month ago in Korea. My confusion is reflected in the disastrous state of my room. I still haven’t taken everything out of my suitcases, and I often find myself tripping on scattered laundry, Fred Meyer shopping bags, and old copies of The Stranger. Usually, I’m a bit neater, but after IKEA delivered my furniture a week ago, I’ve been on the go with school, orientation events, etc.

One thing I’ve clearly noticed since I’ve been back is how much . . . space is in the States. I also had a mini-panic attack in Target when I walked down several aisles and found that I was the only shopper in sight. Any given day at E-Mart is clogged with hundreds of people pushing and shoving their way through the store with carts. It was hard for me to adjust to the throngs of people when I first arrived in Korea–now, I find myself wondering, “Where is everybody?”

I’m going to New York City this weekend . . . Yes!! This will be my second Korean adoptee mini-gathering (first was Portland 2002). Am looking forward to taking the subway, visiting the new MOMA, and shopping at H&M. I’m loving the Seattle scenery, but I’m greatly anticipating some truly urban vitality.

Going to have dinner with N. this week, so it will be great to see her before she heads back to Korea. Hopefully, after NYC, I’ll have my wits about me once again.


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