What day is it?

It feels like so much has happened recently, and yet I’ve only been in school for about 2 1/2 weeks. I’m currently in the midst of a very boring weekend, since I’m catching up on all of the things I didn’t do while I was in New York City last weekend.

Hmmmm . . . NYC = debauchery. As many of you know, I had a bit of a wild weekend there. So much so that I won’t provide details here . . . they’re not blog-appropriate! I even changed the privacy setting on some of my Flickr photos, if that tells you anything. Even with everything that went on, I’m proud to say that I did make it to see the new MOMA with T., and we also stopped in the H&M on Fifth Ave. I met some cool people in New York at the mini-gathering, although my interactions with people in stores and such reminded me of how rude people on the East Coast tend to be. It made me grateful to return to Seattle where people don’t automatically assume you’re an idiot.

School’s going well thus far . . . although I’m definitely scrambling to keep up. I like how everything’s very relevant to my interests. My favorite class is probably my Korean class right now. My public affairs classes tend to have a lot of former poli sci majors in love with the sounds of their own voices. L. tells me that’s grad school for ya. I feel like I’ll be more at ease with everything once I get this first quarter under my belt.

I’m feeling more grounded here in the States than I was earlier. I don’t obsess about Korea as often as I did a few weeks ago. NYC definitely helped with that, hahaha.

Also, my birthday is coming up this Friday. 27-years-old. Yeesh.

Will put up pictures soon.


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