This was a nice weekend . . . good balance of being productive with homework while also spending time with people who make me laugh.

Friday–dinner at Kabul, an Afghan restaurant in Wallingford. Drinks and tone-deaf karaoke (the best kind) at Murphy’s.

Saturday–finished one of my course papers, Korean food at 사계절 with K., strong gin and tonics at The Chapel, semi-scandalous dancing at The War Room, 2:00 AM breakfast at IHOP.

Sunday–finished my Korean composition (thanks to A.), ESO meeting, chatted on the phone w/ former roomie, S.

The off-roading occurred at 3:00 AM on Sunday morning when D. drove us home. It seemed hilarious at the time, but in retrospect, pretty scary. Always buckle up, kids. D. puts Korean taxi drivers to shame.

I’d like to give a shout-out to 미선언니! 생일 축하해요! Happy Birthday to my older sister, Mi Sun!

Also . . .
Amy–Good to hear from you! I really enjoyed seeing your pics from traveling. Savor the lazy days of unemployment while you can. 🙂
Fishlamp–Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for commenting so frequently–I keep hoping my other friends will follow suit, but they seem to be comment-shy.
Kat–I’d no idea you were blogging!! Maybe you told me once long ago and I completely spaced on it. Anyway, how fantastic–I’ll be sure to become an avid reader. As for KC in May . . . I don’t think it will happen. Have to be in a wedding in Omaha in April, so probably won’t be Midwest-side soon after. Are you asking for a special reason? J.G.’s wedding is in May . . .

Have decided to completely put off cleaning my room until the end of the quarter. I’ll post before & after pics.

Hope my next post is more introspective and less scattered . . . great weekend nonetheless.



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2 responses to “Off-roading

  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. And thanks for the thanks!

  2. mi sun is very happy.
    your e-mail.
    she say thanks.
    you look so nice.

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