Safe Travels!

Thursday night, I went to a farewell party for my former AmeriCorps site director, the lovely C.K. My first year in Seattle was in 2003-2004 as a member of Sound Youth AmeriCorps (check out my blurb here under “New Holly”), and C.K. was a great leader–passionate, committed, and good at her job. She’s preparing to go to Kenya this January for a full year to volunteer with Notre Dame Mission Volunteers (no, it’s not one of those proselytizing, “let’s convert the heathens” groups–it’s a volunteer organization founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur). I’m not exactly sure what she’ll be doing in Kenya, but I do know that she’ll be in a small village with no electricity. For a year. On $100/month. (Makes the AmeriCorps stipend look like the lottery jackpot.) She’s very brave, and I hope she has a safe and fulfilling year.

It was a bit like attending a high school reunion, which surprised me, although I should’ve been expecting that, since I knew that I would see a lot of old AmeriCorps teammates. A lot of hugs and earnest, “Let’s get together sometime!”s, knowing full well that we won’t. Hahaha, I sound cynical, right? Let me backpedal a bit–there are a few people from those Seattle AmeriCorps days that I consider real friends, and the ones that I don’t, well, it was good to catch up. I always like to get the “where are they now” update, because I’m such a gossip fiend. 😉 Thursday night’s experience reminded me of how I hope to soon have a Boston NDA reunion–we’ve been talking about that ever since we finished in 2003 . . . .


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  1. okay so stef and i are trying to figure out if a former americorps member has taken cat’s place. details my love.

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