Waiting for inspiration to strike

. . . so that I can finish this f*ing final memo for my public management class. If procrastination were an Olympic sport, I would be Bonnie f*ing Blair (does anyone get my nerdy speed skating reference?). Please pardon all of the foul language. It’s just simply amazing how many things seem fascinating once someone tells you that you “have” to do something (like an assignment).

But enough complaining/whining. What about some fun stuff? Like yesterday, ESO (Evans Student Organization) hosted the Evans Student Holiday Party. I love parties–an excuse to talk, eat, and avoid studying? I’m there. Also had to do the set-up/tear-down as an ESO officer. Prep began at 2pm with a run to Costco, where we debated over the merits of turkey roll sandwiches vs. ham-filled croissants. 10 bottles of Yellowtail shiraz (1 liter each)? Should be enough, considering we inherited a boat-load of white wine from an event the dean hosted. Found out one of the rooms we needed for the party was booked w/ another event until 5:30 . . . meaning decorations were last-minute and inventive.

Reality check: about 100 graduate students (and various significant others/friends) can be a hungry and THIRSTY bunch. Party began at 6pm–we were out of food and booze at 8pm. No problem, 2nd run for wine & keg ensued. The night passed quickly, mostly b/c I felt like I was running around the entire time, but it was indeed fun. We wore reindeer antlers. I was slightly drunk when we were cleaning up (I recall shouting “Happy Holidays!” throughout the halls of Parrington to the ESO president).

I had dinner tonight with R. and his friend, E. Wonton soup in the I.D. E. is going to be starting his career as a flight attendent with Horizon soon. How fun! I don’t think I could handle baby-sitting airline passengers, but it would be great to travel so much. We had some funny conversations, and I especially busted out laughing at R.’s impersonation of Zhang Ziyi’s attempt at English in previews . . . “I wantalifethatismine!”

Oh yeah, I blogged about this in the other blog: I e-mailed Roger Shimomura, told him I was a big fan and his work really resonates with me because I’m a Korean adoptee who grew up in KC but am currently a poor graduate student and can’t afford to buy his original work [$5000 lithographs] but would it be possible to maybe get a poster or a print or even a postcard? And he e-mailed me back the same day and said:
“Dear poor graduate student,
Send me your mailing address,
How cool! We e-mailed a few more times, and it looks like when I get back to KC, a Christmas surprise will be waiting there for me from him. He’s going to be spending the holidays in Seattle with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

*Sigh* and now it’s back to work . . . must write.



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2 responses to “Waiting for inspiration to strike

  1. I tried a bottle of the Yellowtail Shiraz about a month ago, and wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It was obviously good though, or else the bottle wouldn’t be emtpy on my counter still.

  2. Exciting that you got an email back from Roger Shimomura. I had never heard of him until you mentioned him, but nonetheless I can feel your excitement. How’s the writing going?–>

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