Presents to myself!

Ok, I’m about 1/2-way through this final memo . . . gotta finish it up tomorrow.

In other news, I finally used the gift-certificate that L. gave me for my birthday (October . . . I hardly knew thee) today. I’m so excited! Margaret Cho’s Assassin DVD and Maureen Dowd’s Are Men Necessary? shall come to me soon. (Of course men are necessary. And Dowd thinks so, too. She’s super-cool.)



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3 responses to “Presents to myself!

  1. Assassin rocks, Margaret Cho has such a way with words and expressions.

  2. yeah, let us know what you think of assasin. that’s the first DVD i bought back in the USA and it was a good choice. i need her humour and insight in my life.

  3. i love margaret cho! it was so much fun watching it with you while i was in seattle 🙂

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