With this quarter at school. Yay! Although I must say, I don’t feel the same sense of exhilaration that I used to feel in undergrad days of yore. I attribute this to not being as stressed out . . . and so the sense of relief at being finished isn’t as great. So instead of bouncing from one extreme to the other, I’m a bit more mellow all across the board. I used to think that stress pushed me to excel, and I think it did to some extent, but there are so many negative side-effects associated with stress (and eventually you get diminishing returns on stress–good lord, I’m still doing econ-speak from yesterday, yuck) that in the end it’s not worth it.

Even though I did my fair share of complaining this quarter, if I step back and look at it, it really wasn’t all that bad, considering. And now . . . I will tackle all of the things I’ve been putting off for the past three months. The bottom of my floor must be around here somewhere . . .

Last night, I went to a poetry slam with my friend, K.A. They had an open mic for the first 30 minutes or so. It was kind of hit or miss, but I must give all of those folks kudos for having the guts to stand up in front of a crowd and perform some very personal pieces. Then, they had their featured poet, who did an extended set. He did some very well-written, sensual pieces about love. I feel terrible saying this, but it was a bit odd hearing him perform these pieces while looking at him (he resembled a very disheveled, slightly scaled-down version of John Candy with longer hair). But he was definitely the best poet of the night. Later, they had the finals of a competition to see who would represent Seattle at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship. I saw a woman perform that I’d seen two years ago at the Rainbow Bookfest . . . and she performed the same piece. Granted, I love the piece (it’s about how men shouldn’t mess with women they know they can’t handle . . . something about “don’t taste this sugar you know you can’t swallow” ahem), but I was hoping to hear something new from her.

I’ve never written poetry for myself or anyone else . . . I’m definitely more of a prose person. But I’ve been thinking lately about dabbling in it. Hmm, I’ve always been drawn to the arts. I think I have a natural affinity for them, but I don’t necessarily think I have an artist’s temperment, if that makes any sense. In some ways, I feel as though I’m Salieri–capable of recognizing genius, but incapable of producing it myself. I guess I feel as though we all have artistic sides to ourselves–it’s just that some people are meant to share their art with the world. What do I want to share with the world? It’s like what we ask ourselves when we try to figure out what our “career” will be . . . I think I have a better idea about what I want my mission in life to be, although it’s a work in progress. For now, I’m pretty happy with the steps that I’m taking towards fulfilling my contribution to the world, so I guess that’s enough.

Thoughts? Anyone else out there write their own poetry (for private or public view)? I know some of you do . . .



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5 responses to “Finished!

  1. I write a lot. Every Sunday there are open mic poetry readings at the coffee I frequent. I’m half tempted to read… some day. I like to keep my writings to myself, because that’s what they’re truly there for.

    There’s no harm in giving it a try. Just remember, never force anything. Let it come naturally.

    (And congrats on finishing your quarter!)

  2. hey. i used to write poetry. i’ve dropped the ball on it in the last few years but at some point i’ll put some pieces on my blog if i get around to it. maybe tonight, maybe in a few months, who knows…

    congrats on being done with the quarter. although you mentioned its not as stressful as undergrad, you should still be proud of yourself. not only starting up with school again, but also transitioning back into life in the usa after an incredible journey in korea, too!! that is amazing. i don’t think i’m adjusted YET and i’m not even in school!

  3. Sam

    ummm your description of the poet is reminds me of justin with no haircut?

  4. H

    i know this is late, but…

    WAY TO GO!

  5. Tess

    I will have to share some of my poetry sometime with you. I haven’t really had time these days to write…

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