Who the hell is Hasselback?

Yes, I had no idea that he is the quarterback of the Detroit-bound Seahawks. (At least I know where he’ll be playing.) Despite my self-induced football-ignorance, I’m going to be hosting a Super Bowl get-together next weekend. I’m nothing if not a bandwagon fan, and it’ll be an excuse to have people over. It’s been some time since I hosted any sort of party, since that certainly never happened in Sanbon last year. (Although I. & R. always threw good parties at Sorak APT.) I think the last time I hosted anything was probably S.M.’s birthday blow-out two years ago at the 4233. You know it was a good party, because Big J. was hanging out the window, waving S.M.’s b-day present at our horror-stricken neighbors, and yelling “I’ve got a dildo! What’ve you got??” (Sorry if that was too much information, but like Margaret Cho says, I own property in TMI.)

So this was an ok weekend, full of good, “clean” fun. Saw The Grace Lee Project on Thursday at the NWAAFF, which was fantastic. I was surprised that one of the subjects was an adopted woman. Her story was very powerful, and the documentary was very funny (preceded by a hilarious narrative short starring Sandra Oh: Barrier Device).

On Friday, I went to an Evans professor’s house (sorry–mansion atop Queen Anne hill) for a “diversity” potluck dinner. It was ok . . . we discussed the issue of diversity at Evans. No big revelations. I think I rambled on and on at one point, with all of the white people (which was everybody else, save a random Japanese-American dude from the School of Forestry) staring at me, perplexed. Later, Bachelor #4 came over and we watched Kung Fu Hustle (kung fu movie in style of Austin Powers). I liked the movie, but #4 continues to underwhelm. 3rd time was not the charm.

Saturday, I went up to Bothell and volunteered at the Korean Identity Development Society’s Lunar New Year Festival. I had a good time watching the drummers that were part of the cultural presentation, but I couldn’t help but notice that all of the pre-teen Korean adoptees in the audience had disgruntled looks of complete boredom (while they listened to their iPods) as their white parents clapped enthusiastically (“Aren’t they incredible??”). Later, some of the AAAW members and myself went to The Ram, where I was carded because, as the waiter so graciously pointed out, I look like I’m 12-years-old. It’s all of those years of clean living, I tell ya.

Saturday night, I came home early and spent the evening on the phone. It’s 설날, so I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I called 미선언니 and we had a 25-minute conversation. Pretty good! With her broken English and my broken Korean, we managed to talk about a lot of things. I think it’s hard for them to envision what my life is like in the States . . . . while I can easily visualize what they were doing yesterday. Lounging at my uncle’s, talking with 할머니, playing with our cousins.

Today, I went down to NWAAFF again and ushered, met some classmates for a productive Stats study session, then met up with other AAAW board members to look at the ship we’re considering renting for a dinner cruise for May’s mini-gathering.

So, I’ve got quite a busy week ahead of me, school-wise. Things are going ok. I think I’m getting into a groove with this crazy schedule of mine. Pretty good, considering now is usually when I descend into a winter funk.

Which is probably why Bachelor #5 is giving me such a headache. Someone at the study session today made a comment to another classmate that she should keep a dating blog . . . Those of us that actually ever have dates are always subject to interrogation. That’s why none of my Evans classmates have my blog address!

Anyway, I have a bet riding on #5. I’ll let you know whether I collect my $20 or not next weekend.

(Side note: Sapphire gin & tonic–I love, love, love it. Was told this is an “old man’s drink.” I beg to differ! What do you think? What’s your favorite cocktail? What do you think it says about you?)



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5 responses to “Who the hell is Hasselback?

  1. Tess

    He’s razzed me before about drinking gin and tonics. Whatever, “An old man” drink. I think not. My sister got me into drinking them one summer night and from there it was love.
    I usually drink them in doubles, singles are not as tasty..

  2. Amy

    Who the hell is Hasselback? He’s a prematurely balding quarterback who’s going to get his ass handed to him by Kimo, Joey, Farrior, etc. this Sunday.

    Sorry, I know I promised no more trash-talking for a bandwagon fan like yourself. I can’t help myself! Anyway, pour yourself a gin and tonic (mmm…no shame, they’re delicious), and enjoy your Superbowl party.

  3. I have a theory that Sapphire & tonic is actually a Korean adoptee drink. The only people I’ve ever seen order them happen to be adopted Koreans!

    I don’t really have a favorite cocktail anymore, but if I’m down in Waikiki, I like to have a “lava flow.” Back in my youth, I was into Long Island iced tea, vodka Collins and mandarin cosmopolitans (made w/ Absolut Mandarin). I’m not sure what those say about me aside from that I used to really enjoy drinking…

  4. YEAH!!! nothing like Big J holding a dildo in his hand and trying out dance another queen who was more than likely drunk on the balcony til 5 in the morning. AWWWW my 22 birthday. MEMORIES!!!

  5. You have effectively deterred me from entertaining any hope for post-college dating success. I refuse to be That Bachelor on someone’s blog. Thanks, sarahkim.

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