Spreading the Love

Today, (or rather yesterday, I suppose) I made lots of sarcastic remarks regarding V-Day. That’s right, Valentine’s Day. Ugh. I hate it. But I would still like to take this opportunity to send my love out into e-space to my wonderful friends who read this blog (and to those who don’t). Yesterday, I had one of those moments of feeling very content with my life, and I realize that while part of it is the gorgeous, sunny weather Seattle has been blessed with the past few days, most of my good cheer is because I’m blessed with a wonderful, quirky family of friends. And you’re all scattered so far and wide! Sometimes I get bummed at how little I get to see some of you (good thing I’m an internet junkie . . . although my eyes are starting to cross right now), but better to have made these connections with you all and miss you now than to have never met.

Kansas City, Omaha, Boston, Seattle, Seoul . . . . and all the random places in between (Holt Camp introduced me to those folks 😉 ). Belton, Sion, Creighton, AmeriCorps, JEL, Evans–I’m a lucky woman to have met great friends at each of these places. I’m really enjoying our little community at Evans right now . . . . it’s been a nice surprise to have such a fun group of people to study with, drink with, etc.

And thanks to the people I’ve met through blogger-space. Who would’ve thought we could offer each other such support in spite of never meeting face-to-face? And that such a statement wouldn’t sound quite as psychotic and nerdy as it would have five years ago? 😉

So that’s my little reflection for right now. No Bachelor obsessing. In spite of all of my complaining, I’m doing pretty well overall. I definitely needed a kick in the pants, though, regarding meeting deadlines this week . . . . but anyway I digress.

(I have to share this story, even though I posted it as a comment on a friend’s blog. Someone made this enormous, elaborate sign [it filled the hallway inside Parrington] that said “SARAH’S CUTE.” All day, people were coming up to me and asking, “Oh, is that for you?” I knew that it wasn’t for me, but I had to verify . . . and yes, it was indeed for the other Sarah who’s also a first-year Evans student. She has a med student boyfriend who apparently has enough time to make a 10′ x 4′ poster publicly declaring his affections. Lucky b*tch. My friends tried to console me, saying, “Oh, but you are cute anyway.” 🙂 )

Never mind the silly story. I’m still spreading Valentine love!



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7 responses to “Spreading the Love

  1. If I were there at your school or in your city, I would make an even bigger sign that said, “SARAH’S HOT,” and another, even more enormous one that said, “SARAH’S SMART,” and make sure that everyone knew the signs were referring to you, not the other Sarah. Because being hot is better than being cute, and being smart, too, makes things even better.

    And also, if I were in Seattle right now, then we could kick each other in the pants, because I, too, could benefit from a reality check with my own deadlines.

  2. although i have to disagree that being hot isn’t necessarily always better than being cute (because i’ve been labeled the latter rather than the former :P) but, sarahkim…


    happy belated overly-commercialized valentine’s day

  3. parkheidi beat me to it


  4. couldn’t agree more with my fellow AKs who have already commented. maybe you’d realize you’re lucky we don’t live in the same city. i would join ji-in and double the size of the sign, which might embarass you…

  5. Aw, thanks for showing me the love! I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I swear! But I’ll take ’em . . . .(tosses hair).

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day from Honolulu!

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