So many benefits to being a Korean Adoptee

SCENE: Checking in for my appointment at Hall Health (clinic on UW campus).

White Receptionist: “Hellooooo, sweetie, can I have your name, please?”
Me: (states full name, including vaguely Scottish/British-sounding last name. Hands receptionist student ID card so as to expedite the process)
White Receptionist: “Oooh! You’re going to make it easy for me! I thought you were going to have one of those looooong ASIAN names that are just SO hard for me to figure out . . . . you know, except for Thai names, I’m good at those because they’re just so phonetic, you know . . . .”
Me: “Mmm-hmmm….” (grits teeth)



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9 responses to “So many benefits to being a Korean Adoptee

  1. I’ve said it on adobokimbap, I’ll say it again: Why do some people think it’s acceptable to open their mouths?

  2. gonna have to agree with the intelligent gentlemen above, yo.

  3. yeah…those crazy last names. i have to admit, i sometimes have trouble with my last name (LEE) *_*

  4. Jaye

    Well God forbid should those damn foreigners make her overwork her vocal cords!

    I always find it amusing whenever I use my credit card, etc. They automatically scan my hand for a wedding ring. And when they don’t see it, demand to see my ID. And then another one for back up. I swear to God I’m going to go blind from rolling my eyes so much!

  5. what hasn’t been said in the comments that i can say? nothing. we’re all clearly on the same page. we’re all living similar crappy ass moments like u just did. sorry that happened to u sarah. that can’t take away your frustration but even so i acknowledge that that must have really sucked to have to stand there and deal with that beeeeotch.

  6. Yeah . . . . I debated about saying something to this woman, but it seemed like she really thought she was making nice conversation . . . . and I’d been feeling a little bad about being such a bitch to that Microsoft dude (K.T. and H. know what I’m talking about).

  7. wow.


    just when you think you’ve heard it all. the lines that are the most atrocious are often the ones that are said with an ‘innocent/ignorant’ smile. it’s like, why try to front? when people say stuff like that, all i hear is “chink chink chink” coming out of their mouths– you know that’s what they’re REALLY trying to say.

  8. What a stupid bitch? I had this stupid white bitch come into a shop in Chinatown that my Korean ex-wife and I were shopping at and hand her a dollar for something she wanted to buy. My ex just put the dollar in her pocket and we walked out of the store. Stupid white people trick.

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