Crunch time

Yes, it’s that time again. Two weeks left in the quarter . . . which means I’ve gotta get busy. But there is a limit. Nine hours in the Evans computer lab working on our stats policy report with A.H.?? Thank goodness he’s an Excel & SPSS wizard, otherwise we would’ve been there twice as long. I think we balance each other out–he does the graphics/number-crunching while I make everything “sound” good.

Speaking of A.H. (Korean language partner), I had an interesting conversation with him the other day at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Shanghai Garden. He says that he thinks there needs to be a “leader” in a marriage. I nearly choked on my 14-flavor tofu, and said, “Whaaaaat??”

He tried to backtrack and say that if his wife was making the “better decisions,” then he’d let her be the leader. So who gets to decide whose decisions are better? “Err. . . .” said A.H.

I’ve done my fair share of b*tching about A.H., but I am truly going to miss him if he ends up going back to Korea next month to join the military. Even though he’s told me that the way I speak Korean is somehow very masculine (“먹자!”). I think we’ve been good for each other by providing each other a better glimpse into our respective cultures. And he was a good listener today, as I was telling him about this existential crisis (well, perhaps that’s being overdramatic) I was experiencing last week . . . .

A multitude of events have triggered me to re-think and re-evaluate where I’m at and where I want to go. I spent all day, every day last week obsessing about it. It got to the point where I was unable to do any homework, and I couldn’t even read applications at work (it was taking me 30 minutes to get through one personal statement). Not that this isn’t something we all go through, but it scared me last week, because I began to question whether or not I’ll ever be happy with where I’m at.

To make a long story short, I’m seriously contemplating doing another master’s program after I complete my M.P.A. At UCLA. To get an M.A. in Asian-American Studies . . . and maybe an M.S.W., too. Am I insane? A masochist? A Korean Peter Pan? I was going to elaborate more on this topic, but I think that will have to wait until later. As it is, I’ve already talked to a number of you who read this blog regularly about this, and I don’t want to bore you. Let’s see, can I end this post with something amusing from the weekend?

Well, this certainly made me laugh (thanks, Angry Asian Man–perhaps I will see the elusive Angry Asian Man in SF next month . . . . H. already thinks I’m stalking him. Perhaps I’m in denial.)


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