This about sums me up right now

Truer words were never spoken, right K.M.?? It is now 1:00 a.m. PST, and I have 2/3 of my assignment left to complete for nonprofit management due tomorrow. If only I could follow this advice. Does blogging count as productive/structured procrastination?



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7 responses to “This about sums me up right now

  1. Me, too! And I’m past my project deadline!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Just emailed a project which was due yesterday. Late penalties are painful but seem to be inevitable in my life!

  3. Anonymous

    By the way, do you mind if I take this lovely picture and post on my xanga? It just captures my current state of being so well??


  4. First I awoke and decided I needed to finish a photo project, however, next I thought I should water the plants, then decided I should check something out on the internet (forgot what that is right now, but I found your post and so am now replying), and remembered I should eat breakfast… I’ll get to that for sure. Oh, maybe I should change out the new shower head or wait… there’s a bracelet that needs fixing. Let us see what I actually accomplish before work today… what about working out right now to clear my head? Damn, Libra (that’s me)!

    Though I may not have invented procrastination, I definitely am in tune with my inner sense of it. For more sidetracking check out Ellen Degeneres’ DVD: here and now, there’s a great segment all devoted to this word and way of life we relish.

  5. Ji-in–Let’s get into the t-shirt biz. Another way to procrastinate.

    Hye-Rim–안녕! By all means, feel free to use the image. Hope all is well w/ you up north.

    Nate–I love it. Classic. You know, I’m a Libra, too, allegedly (although I may be a Scorpio….yet to be confirmed. Should ask the Korean fam this summer more about it.).

  6. People who don’t procrastinate on a regular basis are actually procrastinating a life of vitality.

  7. Yes, I would agree with you, Sarah~ blogging takes up hours of productive/structured procrastination for impractical people like myself who chose to stay up until 3am blogging (check out..I’ve updated it!) and reading other people’s blogs when I have to wake up for work at 7am.
    Then there’s coffee…lots of it…Korean coffee that is. But if I can find a way, I will procrastinate or talk my way out of it til my gums hurt.–>

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