I miss seeing kids!!

Kindy May Field Trip
Originally uploaded by sarahhyunah.

Being in grad school, I tend to forget that people outside the 21-30 age bracket exist in the world. This was taken last spring when we took the JEL kindergarten students to a local park in Sanbon. These are kids from Rose class, the angelic class. And also the boring class, in my opinion. Although Lily class could be infuriating (still chewing on everything in sight–notebooks, erasers, me, you name it), they had way more personality. I know there are other JEL-ers out there who will disagree with me. But how can you not love Duke (Lily class outsize personality, see below)?

Kindy May Field Trip



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8 responses to “I miss seeing kids!!

  1. Those are great pictures. I love Duke’s expression. Also funny is the way the guy in the green on the top photo looks like he’s going to deck the little girl in the lavender sitting beside him.

    They all look like little Easter egg kids.

  2. Interacting with kids used to bring me joy. Now it just seems to remind me of all the carefree fun I will never experience again.

    But they’re such cute and tireless playmates. Who knew counting could be such an entertaining exercise? Why, kids of course!

  3. oh god… kids… πŸ˜›

  4. Amy

    Oh, hell no! Crazy Sarah.

    I have way too much free time.

    Actually, on the days I’m feeling really crazy, I miss the little bastards too. Except for that Duke. πŸ™‚

  5. One night, Michelle and I had a discussion about which kindy kids deserved a kick and which deserved a high-five. I think I actually voted to give Duke a kick, but if I had based my decision on cuteness, I probably would have gone with a high-five.


    On a side note, the ‘kick or high-five’ game is actually a lot of fun to play while people watching or talking about classmates/co-workers.

  6. Poor Duke! Where is L.W.?? I know she feels the same way as I do. Not sure about her old man, but I know she loves the Duke and his crappy handwriting.
    (Ji-in–Yeah, Korean children are sometimes dressed to the nines. That kid in the green is Bhin. He’s “special.”) Basically, teaching these children would give anyone a headache, but playing with them is loads of fun. Amy–I’m in awe of your rebuttal. And I agree about Jade. Def. a bad stripper name. Oh, I miss L.W.’s impression of Rick (Rose)! Who knew teachers could be this merciless.

  7. Anonymous

    How could you not love Duke?! You’re a fool, Amy. A fool!


  8. Welcome back to Seattle! πŸ˜€

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