And now–time for a break!

Spring is here!!! I am delighted/excited/relieved to be officially finished with winter quarter now! (Doing happy dance.) The end turned out to be more gratifying than I’d anticipated, because I wrote a paper on AAAW for my final project in Nonprofit Management, and it felt so good to be working on something that is meaningful and relevant to my current passions and interests. Plus, I think I made some good observations about ways we can improve. I also elected to switch advisors–for my new advisor, I chose my Nonprofit Management professor. He’s the quintessential prof–absent-minded, brilliant. My previous advisor . . . . well, she is white and she has a little girl from China. I decided to not go there, ifyaknowwhatimean.

Anyway, what with finishing the paper, spring weather making appearances, posting up the AAAW banner on the side here (thanks, A.! A., I wish you blogged more. Keep an online journal of your “cultural explorations,” heh.), and the fantastic news that K. & N. will be making a Seattle appearance–I am super-psyched for the upcoming Korean adoptee mini-gathering in May! Somehow, it seems far off in the distance, but it’ll be here before we know it.

This spring will be a whirlwind before I go to Korea in June. . . just the way I like it. šŸ˜‰ There’s the mini in May, and then in April I’m going back to Omaha for a long weekend to be in P.’s wedding. Despite my hesitations regarding the bridesmaid dress, and the fact that when I tell people here that I’m going Omaha they stutter, “Where??”, I am stoked to be going back to the big O. It’s going to be one big reunion, with CCSJ peeps, B. & L., even my parents.

And speaking of reunions–San Francisco will be good for that as well. Yup, I’m going down south for a few days (March 17-22). Thus, I will not be blogging for a while . . . . I get to see 3 groups of people AND I’m attending SFIAAFF on Sat. and Tues. I get to see:
1. My lovely AmeriCorps homie, S.T. (will spend Friday w/ her and some of her SF friends…..S.T. still lives in L.A.–although not for long?).
2. The twins. Will be some good times–drinking & watching NCAA basketball. I think they’re excited to show me the “azn” scene in SF. Hope B.H. knows that a repeat of NYC is not going to happen.
3. B. & A. in Mountain View. I’m excited to spend time with you guys, especially since I missed the Outer Banks wedding last year. I hope your cat doesn’t sit on my face and suffocate me in my sleep.
**I also recently found out that gyopo R., my favorite “African pants”-wearing drunk will be making an appearance in SF at the same time as me. Not sure what the likelihood of seeing R. will be this weekend, but it will be interesting & amusing to see R. in an environment other than Seoul. Think he’ll be just as sweaty, H.?

Can I just say how elated I am that by some divine happenstance, two weekends of the NCAA tournament fall during my spring break? I joined a pool that someone at my school started. I haven’t been following at all this season, so I based all of my picks off of watching Kansas beat Texas on Sunday and an hour of ESPN. Somehow, when I filled out my bracket, I have Texas winning it all. I’m sure S.C.H. is groaning right now (provided she’s even reading this–I need to call her).

By the way, Lee–I’m bummed that you can’t make it up to SF! I bought tickets for two showcases for film shorts (“The Life Quixotic” and “Lost and Bound”). I really wanted to see “Eve & the Fire Horse,” (per Angry’s rec) but it didn’t work out. Have you thought about Seattle for the mini?

Also–a shout-out to j. gabriel: congratulations on getting the fellowship! Well-deserved (applause). It’s all due to the hair, right? šŸ˜‰

Also, to new commenters on my blog–thanks for reading! I’m not very good w/ responding to comments on my own blog. But I appreciate it when anyone weighs in with their two cents.

Sorry this post is so meandering. I’m trying to hurry before heading out the door. Tonight, we’re having a birthday party/going-away party for A.H. Yes, he has to go back to Korea to join the military…..

I would like to get inebriated tonight, although last night was a bit much for me. Actually, we started the day at 11am–margaritas. I took a break to go to work (last day of work was today! woo hoo!). Then, beer at a brewery . . . . and then $4 martini happy hour at The Chapel. I was not a very exciting drunk last night. While N. was pole-dancing, I felt inclined to take a 20-minute nap on the couches. But then I recovered, and ended up at an Ethiopian restaurant, where I proceeded to insult A.H.’s boss inadvertantly. We had a grand time anyway, however. There is some damning photographic evidence of last night, which I may post later in the week.

Time to make some ramyun before I head out . . . .

Oh, jeez–the birthday/going-away party was a trip. Let’s just say that some property damage was involved, someone other than myself had to ferry us all home in my car (got my car back this morning), and I will be eating Campbell’s chicken soup (bland, bland) and white bread as I watch opening round games today.



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10 responses to “And now–time for a break!

  1. have excess fun in san francisco. will u get a chance to go to my beloved berkeley? your post made my mind swim. you’ve got it going on girl! wooooooooooot! and now, just like last year at this time, i can look forward to seeing you in may. last year we kept saying it’s almost may and therefore time for hong kong! this year, i can say it’s almost may, time for seattle/mini-gathering! we should start a tradition. in ’07 we’ll have to think of another place to meet up…

  2. You are disallowed from leaving San Francisco until it has been thoroughly painted. Red. Sarahkim-style. I’m ridiculously jealous that all you west coasters get to hit up the Asian American Film Festival in SF, as well as all the other APA resources out there. The Bay: My new frontier. If only I can make it to September…

    …and thanks for the holla: I’ll be in the Philippines while you’re in Korea–maybe we can conjure up something crazy. Either way, I toast this Nalgene full of Gatorade to our summer plans. Take care on your travels, and don’t get hungover tonight [again]!

  3. I think I’m weakening under the peer pressure. I’m going to investigate what it will take to get to Seattle in May for the mini. Nothing’s even remotely close to definite yet, but I would really like to come.

    Have fun in SF, one of my favorite mainland cities!

  4. good grief, @ first i couldn’t figure out who you were talking about. i was like, “i dunno a źµķ¬ that has r as a first intial…” then i thought, “does she mean my r?” then i quickly realized amid my confusion, “my r isn’t źµķ¬… and he won’t be in seoul until the mon. after next…” then BAM – i ended up laughing for a good minute (BIG GRIN)! have fun in san francisco!

    raise some hell for me…

  5. K.–I’m going to try to make it up to Berkeley this time, maybe on the day that B. has a job interview. I didn’t get the May-May connection until just now! It’s SO WEIRD to think Hong Kong was a year ago…. I’m all for starting a tradition. How about ’07 in Vegas (still have never been). Or Hawaii!!!! Ji-in’s tales of cane spiders will not deter me.

    j.g.v.t.–I think the past two nights have guaranteed that I will imbibe less in SF….although who knows. šŸ™‚ I second your toast to our summer plans with my knock-off Nalgene full of H20.

    Ji-in–No pressure here….but…COME TO SEATTLE! COME TO SEATTLE! COME TO SEATTLE! If anything, you’ve got to come for the Sat. night booze cruise (ahem, dinner cruise) around Lake Union & Lake Washington.

    H.–Hahahahaha! How could you forget źµķ¬ R.? I wonder if he’ll bust out the African pants in SF. Please do let me know how things go with your R.’s visit. Take some pictures??

  6. you lush…

    i kid, i kid, sarahkim šŸ˜‰

  7. I’ll be in San Francisco just two days after you leave… we’ll have to work on our timing, huh?


  8. sarah, i hope you’re having a blast in sf! i’ve never been to a mini, but i want to. on the dates for seattle, my cousin is getting married in southern ca, so i’ll have to miss yet another mini…

    hopefully i can go next year, though. i wish i could go in may…i really LOVE seattle!

  9. S.C.H.

    hi sarah,
    i have to say i am a bit saddened by the fact that you picked Texas to win the tournament…but i am even more saddened by the fact that KU lost to Bradley. what an embarassement! (sp?). 3 of my final four teams are out of the tourney already (wisc, KU, illini). i’ll talk to you soon!!! oh, and i am way jealous you get to visit b and a in san francisco!

  10. You should blog about our threading adventures! Keep it up! Soon, you’ll be addicted like I am. It was a fun visit. Come again when SCH comes or I’ll make my up to Seattle sometime!

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