I had a nice break

There was definitely a theme to my spring break . . .


(A.H.’s party . . . before the madness ensued)


(. . . California)


(S.T. pinched me, because I wasn’t wearing green.)


(At Suede in S.F.)


(With Madam Cupcake, herself–nice eyebrows, ladies.)

Did you guess the theme? Fun with friends (and some drinking, too).
(Want to see more? Click on my Flickr link in the sidebar here.)

It was lovely to spend time with my fellow Evans-ers before heading off to the Bay Area. And it was even more lovely to see friends in Cali (much love to you–please visit me in Seattle after the summer). Save for one rainy day, the weather was sublime. Some highlights:

  • Bowling with S.T. & friends. I managed to place second to last, rather than dead last. Progress.
  • Dancing with A.B. & B.H. in the city. Only heard one lame pick-up line that night: “So what do you think of white guys who can’t dance?”
  • Eyebrow threading, eating, and watching Napoleon Dynamite (finally) with Mme. Cupcake.
  • Good conversations with all of the above.
  • Two screenings at the SFIAAFF (favorite short film: My Prince, My Angel). B.–did you end up going to see American Fusion?

I also saw Dave Chappelle’s Block Party last night. Highly recommend it–great music (I still prefer Jilly from Philly over Erykah Badu), hilarious, and inspiring. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now.

Also, I’m currently reading Tobias Hubinette’s dissertation: “Comforting an Orphaned Nation: Representations of International Adoption and Adopted Koreans in Korean Popular Culture.” It is rocking my world (thanks, H.). If only I could go to Sweden next month for the AKF Conference . . . Favorite quote thus far:
“I am also deeply sceptical towards Korea’s essentialist and nationalistic attempts at making claims at, and wanting to recover and re-Koreanise adoptees like myself, [Hello, Toby Dawson] while I am at the same time strongly critical towards European assimilationism, which strips the adoptees of everything Korean, as well as American multiculturalism with its ethnic chic and orientalist fetishism.”
Oh, snap!

Tomorrow, spring quarter technically starts, although I only have one class (Korean). I’m taking:
1. Public Management II
2. Quantitative Analysis II
3. Economics of Race and Inequality
4. Korean
5. Interpersonal Communication (just a one-credit workshop that meets twice)

I spoke with my new advisor about my insane plan to go to UCLA for Asian-American studies. He pointed out the opportunity cost associated with two (or three) more years of graduate school. ģ•Œģ•˜ģ–“. This was not exactly what I wanted to hear . . . . I was hoping he would say something more along the lines of what L.L. told me tonight: “The most important thing is to do what makes you happy. Everything else will work itself out.” Ultimately, that’s what I believe. So we shall see. L.L. and I also realized that it’s been over two years since we saw each other, and it’s been three years since I was in Omaha. Yeah, next month is going to be a trip.

I forced myself to stay away from blogs, e-mail, etc. over much of the break. And like a true junkie, I’ve been o.d.-ing now that I’m back. Well, haven’t gotten around to the e-mail part quite yet. Somehow the time slips away (at least I took the time to do the quarterly cleaning of my room).

Happy spring!



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8 responses to “I had a nice break

  1. I’m glad you had such a blast on your break! I can’t wait to have “breaks” again when I go back to school. Do you get the “Asian tan” when you drink? I literally turn into a cooked lobster after half a beer. I can’t conceal my inebriation no matter how hard I try!

    Hey, I meant to ask you a while ago actually…. do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog? I’ve enjoyed reading it, and I think we’re quite like-minded in many ways! Enjoy the post-break euphoria while it lasts šŸ˜‰

  2. it looks like you had a great time šŸ™‚

  3. (…Lush.)

    Just kidding.

    Glad you had a great time — I’m fairly certain you earned it. Btw, if I’m not mistaken, then I’m pretty sure I was standing at that precise streetcorner in S.F. Chinatown in November. I was looking at reflections in the glass window…thinking about just how crazy I was to be there.

    Enjoy the leisure reading…two more weeks and I’ll be doing the same…

    (ps: what do you think of white guys who can’t dance?)

  4. funny you’re reading “comforting an orphaned nation”. i just did some copy editing for the korean quarterly this past weekend and that was one of the book reviews that will be included in the upcoming issue. i definitely want to read it after reading the review, and even more so after reading your review!!

  5. malu–Yes, I turn beet red when I drink (usually only takes one). In fact, another Korean-American classmate and I were arguing about who turns redder, and we were going to have a contest. I even went to True Value to see if they had one of those paint samplers so we could compare our shades of redness. Unfortunately, they were closed. As for adding me as a link, go ahead! Also–congrats on getting into grad school!

    j. gabriel–In general, white guys who can’t dance make me smile. What’s worse than a white guy who can’t dance (yet gets out on the dance floor free of inhibitions)? A white guy who won’t even try to dance. I talk a lot of smack about bad dancing (er, A.H.), but it’s all in good fun. **However, what do I think of white guys who use the aforementioned pick-up line on me at a very, very Asian club in the heart of San Francisco? ~Next.

    K.–I have got to snag one of those KQ’s when they come out…although I think they’re sending us a bunch for the Mini. J.S. wrote an article on ASK for this issue, too, and I’m dying to see it.

  6. Welcome back! Glad you had some fun!

  7. soon-young… that’s right I remember reading through that one too.

    s. we are soo excited because of the fact that we (soon-young and I) will see you in May during the mini gathering.

  8. Is that Andy in that picture?

    Tell that guy I said “What’s up!”


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