Happy belated anniversary to my blog

Technically, my first real post was April 6, 2005. I was wondering the other day what it would’ve been like if I’d gone through with my original intentions and started my blog when I moved to Korea in August 2004. Most likely–very tumultuous, judging from my journal.

Speaking of my journal . . . I hardly ever write in it anymore. I only write in it occasionally these days when I have something on my mind that I feel like I can’t hash out in person, on the phone, here, chatting online, or e-mail. Which is rare. Actually, blogging and chatting (Google, MSN, AIM, etc.) have pretty much supplanted the time that I used to spend e-mailing and writing in my journal. As a result of this, I feel a little disconnected from my long-distance friends who don’t blog or chat. We make up for it through phone calls, although those are few and far between. It’s difficult to multi-task while on the phone . . .

I’ve been a little stressed out lately. Due to the following:
1) Money. For the summer. For next year. For the rest of my life. I’m currently in a waiting game to see what kind of funding I can scrape together for the summer. It involves at least three different entities, and it’s making my head spin. Two of them are also somewhat dependent on the other. I want to throw myself prostrate in front of these review committees. “Help . . . please . . . show some mercy . . .” Yeah–probably not a good idea. I’m also scurrying around, trying to see if I can manage to snag an assistantship for next year, a feat I was unable to accomplish a year ago. Tonight, while walking to the bus stop, I joked to my classmate (we’re all facing similar predicaments), “It’s times like these when I think to myself, ‘Perhaps it’s not too late to sell my soul to the devil and become a pharmaceutical company sales rep!'” She then informed me that her father is a drug rep. [Good thing she is extremely good-natured and took my snarkiness in stride. Open mouth . . . insert foot.]
2) I was accepted into the Jackson School for their concurrent degree program with Evans. (M.A. in International Studies combined with my Evans M.P.A.) The Jackson School wants to know my decision by the end of the month. Also, Evans requires us to turn in a “plan of study” this month that will basically outline the rest of our time in graduate school. So I’m really feeling the pressure to make some decisions . . . with UCLA looming in the shadows. What will most likely happen is that I will accept the Jackson School’s offer in order to keep my options open, and it’s not like I’m writing my plan of study in blood. But I can only avoid this for so much longer . . .

All right, that was my bitch session. Today, I started my hip-hop dance class. Yes, I get to continue the sweet, sweet moves that we did in Sanbon with my fellow JEL teachers. (L.W.–I wish you could take this class with me. Do you ever spontaneously break out into choreographed steps out there in Vegas?) I’m hoping the class gets more interesting than what we did today. We spent over 30 minutes stretching and doing various crunches which left little time for actual dancing. Which consisted of two very simple 8-count routines. All to the tune of “Ms. New Booty.” (Hey, it turns out that a friend took a video of me dancing with his fancy phone during one of the wild nights out after winter quarter. Should be good for a laugh if he ever remembers to send it to me!!)

Loved seeing the odd jobs some of you have had. (Long John Silver’s??? Oh, man . . .) And any job where you are forced to wear pleated pants ought to pay more.



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10 responses to “Happy belated anniversary to my blog

  1. Amy

    Yay. Thanks for keeping me entertained (and befuddled – while blogging about such strange things as missing Duke…shudder), particularly during my fun, unemployed times. Here’s to another year, after which, I’ll most likely still be unemployed. Seriously, happy blog anniversary.

    P.S. Don’t stress too much about money. You could always get a fun (ha) and rewarding (haha) job teaching little angels (hahahaha) with Mr. K. again.

  2. I can relate to your post today on several counts. But first, happy anniversary! I love your blog and your witty posts!

    I also sometimes wonder what I really want to do with my life and constantly am changing “the plan.” I am always wanting to keep all my options open. And really, I am running out of time for this nonsense. Good luck with the funding chasing. p.s. your comment about being a pharmaceutical rep was hilarious!! though I’m sure not to your friend.

    I also related to the blogging supplanting the journaling. But it’s strange to blog because now everyone is reading what used to be just my most private thoughts. That takes some getting used to (and knowing that some of the people who comment, I don’t have any idea who they are).

  3. yea sarah! i get to see you in about a month. 🙂 and i’ll need the vacation, trust me. each day is getting harder and harder to FOCUS.

  4. well good luck with the evans/ucla decision(s). i’m sure it will fall into place.

    yeah, long john silver’s wasn’t fun…pleated pants, a 100% polyester red and blue shirt, a blue visor, and of course, all the greasy, deep fried fish you could ever eat!

  5. and i forgot to say…happy blog anniversary!

  6. Happy blog anniversary!

  7. great blog! i think we met at Koroot in 2004 … me, jae ran, sun yung … you were asking about a mutual friend? anyway, good luck with funding and summer studies.

  8. Sometimes I’m a creepy lurker at blogs…kekekeke. So I shall come out of lurkdom and say happy anniversary.

  9. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    I feel you with feeling unsettled. It’s exciting yet incredibly daunting! I have no idea how I am going to get to Atlanta, how I’m going to have enough to pay rent during school, where I’m going to live, how I’m going to do all this while reacclimating to the academic milieu and pace of life… auughhh!

    I have friends who have opted for the corporate cushion but, classically, are feeling unfulfilled. I thought that by my late-20’s I’d have figured it all out, but sometimes I feel just as vulnerable as I did when I graduated from college! Well, I’ve since managed to get some errored trials under my belt, but I know there are inevitably more mistakes to be had. (I’m not saying this to be pessimistic by any means, though. I think we’re better equipped now to be able to handle the challenges.)

    Anyway, didn’t mean to turn this into a commentary on my own life! This post just struck a chord I guess! I’m sending some positive, empathetic energy from the other coast. Hang in there, Sarah!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and your blog!

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