What a great weekend

I can’t be effusive enough about this past weekend . . . . It was so nice to see old friends (all of whom I hadn’t seen since before I left for Korea), and participating in P. & P.’s wedding was a blast. Exhausting, but well-worth it.

***I met P.C. (the bride) when I was a senior in high school visiting Creighton. My parents and I wanted to look at a dorm room, so we flagged down P.C. while walking outside, because she seemed friendly. It turned out that she didn’t live on campus, but she had friends who did, so she took us to J.’s (matron of honor) room. When I came to Creighton as a freshman, we became friends, and I ended up joining her sorority. She was my big sis (and properly spoiled me during big sis/little sis week), and during that spring of my freshman year, she went on a spring break service trip where she met P.J. (the groom). As my big sis, P.C. needed to choose a “big brother” for me. Now, normally “big brother” night for Pi Phis is an excuse for the pledges to get wasted with leering frat guys, but P.C. took this as an opportunity to ask P.J. to spend time with us. It became clear during the evening that something magical was going on between P.C. and P.J., and the rest is history. Over the years, they’ve been great friends to me, and I really admire their intelligence, graciousness, good humor, and integrity in their love for each other. And now they’re both big-shot doctors. 😉 (He’s an emergency intern, she’s an ob/gyn resident.)

I arrived on Thursday night, and met P. & P. at their dance lesson (they were practicing the rhumba for their “first dance” at the reception). They seemed completely wiped out from running around all week. However, they looked lovely on the dance floor, and I watched them wistfully as they moved together with a comfort that comes from having been together for nearly 10 years (damn, we’re getting old!!!). Later on, we went back to their house (I was their first houseguest!) and did some last-minute preparations for the weekend. I’m so glad that I decided to come in a little early, because it gave me a chance to hang out with P. & P., just the three of us.

On Friday, the bridal party indulged in girliness at a salon downtown. Afterwards, I managed to squeeze in a visit with my former mentors at the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. They needed to go to a meeting, so I had a few minutes before the rehearsal started in the campus church. I decided to check out some old haunts as well as the fancy new buildings that they’ve built since my escape, er, graduation. The new science building is amazing and sterile, the way a science building should be, I suppose. The library is still the same, and when I walked inside, I glanced at the study carrolls on the side and immediately began to feel stressed out. Old reflexes die hard.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner went off smoothly, and then I went out with some former Creighton classmates. J. and I later stayed up very late before going to sleep, because we were too busy giggling about various crude topics. P.C. told us the next day that she knew that would happen, and that’s why she put us in a room separate from her (smart woman!).

Saturday was a marathon. This was the first big wedding that I’ve been a bridesmaid in, and I had no idea just how much stuff there is to do. P.C. told me that I should start planning my own wedding now, nevermind the fact that I don’t even have a boyfriend.

Basically, we were booked solid from 8 a.m.-midnight. But it was fun, and I was happy to see two friends pledging their commitment to each other. The reception was at the Joslyn Art Museum in the fountain courtyard. Amazing. Gorgeous. (The only gaffe was the DJ–when introducing the wedding party at the reception, he was whooping into the microphone and pumping his fist like we were the starting lineup at a basketball game. And after he played yet another Lil’ Jon song, we had to request some more appropriate tunes. Hearing “skeet, skeet, skeet” ring through the halls of the Joslyn was just …. so wrong.)

My parents drove up from KC to be my “dates.” It was great to see them (esp. since I probably won’t go back to Kansas until Christmas), and they tore it up on the dance floor. My friends were amazed, and I have to admit, I was proud! I think it was their head-spinning polka that really won the crowd over in their favor.

Want to see some pics? Click here for my dress, here for the rest.

The weather was gorgeous, the champagne was tasty, and my friends were (as always) awesome. Great weekend–exactly what I needed.


Guess which one is me?



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8 responses to “What a great weekend

  1. Kat

    You look amazing! I’m so glad your Omaha trip was such fun. =-)

  2. Glad you had a chance to smile this weekend. I like that dress. Aww, weddings……. [cough, sputter] I mean, *psh*. Weddings.

    Are you the type of person who has envisioned her wedding since junior high, from the bridesmaids gowns and the floral arrangements to the flavor of cake? Me too!! Actually, no, I just know I will probably wear a tux for half of it and a traditional Pilipino barong tagalog for the rest. Any ideas for yours? It’ll be here soon enough…. 🙂

  3. so… WHEN are you getting married?

    🙂 jkjk

  4. What a great weekend! And you’re so pretty in that dress, your hair looks great with those fancy curls. Speaking of dresses, where did the bride find hers? After viewing those pics, the tomboy in me just died a little bit.

  5. Kat–Thanks, woman! It was fun … she had a very classy wedding much like yours to the Banker. 🙂

    jgvt–Heh, well I don’t have a “wedding book” sitting in my closet full of clippings from bridal magazines. That would be truly horrifying. But of course I’ve fantasized what my wedding would be like–weddings are to women what proms are to teenage girls. We’re sort of conditioned to think about them, whether we like it or not. At this point, I think I’d like to do a destination wedding. Maybe copy S.C.H. (and Ji-in) and do Hawaii. Some sort of outfit change will def. occur, b/c I want to do the whole huge hanbok thing and the red dots on my cheeks.

    H.–Let’s make a bet on who’s married first!! I want to make bets like that w/ all of my single friends. Hey wait a minute–you’re not single, heh.

    Jaye–Thank you, thank you. Her dress was a Maggie Sottero gown. Not sure which style it was… Hehe, your last sentence makes me laugh. Indeed, wedding weekends are so girly. It’s fabulous.

  6. fantastic photo of the shoes. i’m guessing you’re one of the two open toe ones. am i right?

  7. I was going to guess that you are the one with the open toe sandal and pink toenails. However, the pointed toe shoe is slender, and you’re on the small end of the bridesmaids. But then for some reason, though I don’t know much about you, you seem like an open toe sandal kind of girl, which leads me to believe the haole girl is wearing the pointed toe shoe. OK, I’m speculating far too much about feet and who they belong to. ^_^ Glad you had fun. The dresses were nice, good color.

  8. Whata’ weekend. That sure must have been crazy/busy/fun.

    My guess is you took the pic, so that leads me to conclude that your foot is the first one to the left of the bride.

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