Lee’s meme and other random stuff

This weekend went by all too quickly and was weirdly divided with gorgeous, sunny weather approaching the 70’s on Friday quickly followed by cold winds, rain, and chilly temps on Saturday. I went rollerblading for the first time in two years on Friday. . . my legs are still sore. 😛 Went with a classmate, C., to Green Lake–quintessential Seattle. (K. & N., I will have to take you there in a few weeks–it’s coming soon!!!) Later, we joined some other Evans people at Ozzie’s for karaoke. Did I sing? That would be a no. I didn’t sing, because I wasn’t feeling the crowd (most of my friends had elected to skip this event, so I was left with people that I see most days but rarely venture into conversations deeper than “Are you done with this computer?” in the Evans lab), and I was also not drinking. Still on a hiatus from inebriation (soon to be rectified with the upcoming mini-gathering).

Spent a lot of time downtown on Saturday. Met up with AAAW people for a teen event. Lunch at Todai, lots of discussion about the mini-gathering, played some DDR at Gameworks with T. Did some shopping with T. later on, which mostly consisted of me looking longingly at shoes, but buying little (flip-flops at Old Navy–2 for $5, can’t beat that). And we spent a good 20 minutes in BCBG drooling over spring dresses. I completed the day by hanging out with R.S., who I haven’t seen in forever, and watching “Stick It,” a movie that undeniably sucked. (I’m not afraid to admit that I loved the campiness of “Bring It On.” But “Stick It” [same writer] was far, far inferior. I don’t think it’s even worth Netflix-ing.)

I have to write a group memo about the L.A. sanitation (we can’t believe that we’re in grad school talking about trash) department, so I spent a good portion of today trying to get that started. I thought I was being a slacker by reading the case right before our group met, but it turned out that K. showed up 30 minutes late (having not read the case) and N. showed up having read the wrong case and also painfully hung over & nauseous from the previous evening’s festivities.

Yup, that’s my foot at the bottom of the photo in last week’s post. Puka, you’re right, I’m an open-toe sandal kind of woman. 😉

Am currently procrastinating on a slew of things both school-related and personal-life-related. So here’s Lee’s meme (sorry it took me over a week!):

Four people you’d like to meet and the questions you’d ask them:
1. 어머니, my birth mother–Did you ever dream about me the way I dreamt about you?
2. My birth father–Why were you such a !%#$@!@# to our family?
3. My foster mother–What was I like as a 2-month–10-month-old?
4. My future life partner–Where the hell have you been?

Four monuments you have seen and would like to see again:
1. La Tour Eiffel
2. 서울 타워–Seoul Tower
3. Golden Gate Bridge (would like to walk across it this time)
4. Benh Thanh Market in Saigon (not sure if this counts as a “monument”)

Four favorite words:
1. “blumptuous” (T.B. knows what I’m talking about)
2. 맜있어요
3. über-_____
4. anything with hand-gesture quotation marks (rabbit-ears) surrounding it

Four cities with delicious food:
1. 서울–Seoul
2. Portland, OR
3. Kansas City (bbq compares to none)
4. Hong Kong

Four (fiction/nonfiction) books you would recommend:
**This list has not changed this year…..I need to fix that. Soon.
1. What’s the Matter With Kansas? by Thomas Frank
2. White Teeth by Zadie Smith
3. Asian American Dreams by Helen Zia
4. Somebody’s Daughter by Marie My—hahahaha, just kidding!!! 😉

Four jobs you’ve had:
1. Pharmacy drone
2. Baby-sitter
3. Insurance agency drone
4. Mortgage lending drone (#3 and #4 were for the same wretched bank in Leawood, KS)

Four quick answers:
1. Insomnia–is sometimes when I do my best thinking
2. Allergies–the bane of my existence
3. Road Rage–Boston, MA (Mass-hole drivers)
4. Daydreams–keep me entertained on the bus

Laundry is beeping. Might go to Sweden this weekend . . . . I’ll let you know if I do.



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5 responses to “Lee’s meme and other random stuff

  1. 🙂 that’s all i gotta say…

    p.s. i lied, that’s not all i had to say… big guffaw at your #4 favorite book pick…

  2. Sweden! If you go say hi to Kim Park Nelson and Tobias for me!

    and about your “favorite books” – ooh, you’re bad, so bad!

  3. Haha! Nice book list! 😛

    Sweden, wow. My other motherland. *snickers* Now that’s a pretty big last-minute weekend getaway… My friend Brandon’s going, I think.

  4. WHAT? you’re going to sweden?

  5. great lists, sarah! how awesome about sweden! have a great time.

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