Adopterade Koreaners Förening

It appears that I am going to Stockholm, Sweden . . . .

Why? Click here.

It was a fortuitous chain of events that is allowing me to go. I just discovered on Saturday that it might be a possibility. Double-checked with professors today and with myself.

Ticket is in hand. Will leave Wednesday night, arrive in Sweden Thursday afternoon, return to Seattle on Sunday.

Where the #@$! is my passport??

Ahhhhh!!! 🙂 [grinning from ear-to-ear while simultaneously trying to cover my ass where school is concerned]



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14 responses to “Adopterade Koreaners Förening

  1. you lucky b!tch – have fun… by the way, did you buy your ticket for 한국 yet?

  2. WOW! (If I remembered any of the Swedish phrases my grandpa taught me, I’d use them now.) Happy travels!

  3. eat some swedish fish for me.

  4. Anonymous

    great! you’re so lucky!! wave to me on the way…

  5. Aaaah, Sveden. ^_^ I always wanted to go there because I am an ice hockey fan/former player, and I’ve always had a thing for the Swedish and Finnish hockey players in the NHL. kekekeke Have fun!

  6. sooooooo lucky. say hi to everyone there and REPORT BACK! yahoo!

  7. ABsolutely Fantastic. Sharing pictures is mandatory.

  8. Will do, will do! Thanks for the well-wishes!! (I did find my passport, thank god.)

  9. That is so cool! Have a great time and remember everything you see so you can report back to us.

  10. Sam


    while you are there, pick me up ummmmm well you know what i want.

    Have a Safe TRIP!!!!

    Miss You!!!


  11. Kat

    Have fun and be safe!!

  12. …damn, I didn’t know I was talkin to Miss International…

    here’s hoping you find a nice Swedish boy

    keep us posted on the haps

  13. Anonymous

    Cool!! Have lots and lots of fun!:)
    You’ll get to see Dae Won there too, right?
    Have a safe trip~


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