Still Alive

It’s been forever since my last post . . . or at least it seems like it. Several of you who read this blog regularly have been living it up with me in Seattle the past few days. A proper post will follow soon, probably in a few days after I’m done arguing with my various project groups at school.

Anyway, the mini-gathering was GREAT. What more can I say: photos.

Soon-young–Even though you’re still here (you’re sleeping on my couch at the present moment), I already miss you! 😦 One more (1/2) day in Seattle….

Ji-in–I admit, I did feel like I was meeting a celebrity when I spied you across the room last Thursday night! Hawaii ’08–I expect to see all the KADs in attendance in coconut bras, including P.S.

K.S.–Not sure if you’re reading this, but I’m so glad you came up from Florida to spend the weekend with us. So sorry about the eyelashes debacle.

H.–I wish you could have been here this weekend!!! You’ll be in Seattle soon enough, though…

jgvt–Excited for your big weekend coming up? 😉

One of these days I’ll get caught up on everyone’s blogs, although it might not happen until after June 7th. But sometime this week I will post a real post about last weekend…..



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11 responses to “Still Alive

  1. sarah, it looks like it was FUN!

  2. Gar

    Congrats. Looks like AAAW really knows how to celebrate!

  3. Looked like great fun! Made me miss Korea. Can’t wait for next year’s Seoul conference!!!!

  4. i’m glad you had a blast. photos look great too. cheers from korea!

  5. Am missing u. I’m “home” now. I got the flu or something…had 102 degrees temp last night and well, let’s just say the airplane ride didn’t go well at all. I’ll spare you the details. I’m not sure if it was something I ate or, perhaps my body was revolting against leaving Seattle. Who knows? Anyway, I’m taking the entire day off and will probably be in bed most of the day. Though, I couldn’t stay away from myspace and all the fabulous blogs out there, so here I am. LOVE YA!

  6. Sarah: Oh, your celebrity silliness! 😛 Get outta here!

    You may not know this about P.S., but that’s what he normally wears when he’s not traveling.

    Soon-young — I’m catching some nasty flu, too! Boooo.

    It was so fun meeting both of you. I wish I could have stuck around longer! Seattle rocks! See you next summer in Seoul. 🙂

  7. ahhh, debauchery: thy name is sarahkim 🙂 i’m glad to hear/see you had a good time (esp with k & n). we’ll definitely have to make a trip out to minneapolis/st. paul to see them in the winter! btw, looks like i’ll be living on 9th ave not brooklyn 😦 meh, close enough.

  8. tess

    Hey hey… something sparked me this past weekend and kicked my ass.. so i am heading to Korea in August.. I think you still will be there… right?!

  9. I think the question on everybody’s mind is a shoutout to Bill Withers: “Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?” Lol…. just jokes, just jokes.

    Looks like yall had fun–glad you did. I’m telling you, there will be a mad sheisty Pinoy standing by a wall with a Souju in his left hand and a bowl of bulgogi in his right at one of these mini-gatherings one day.

    Three more days and this shit’s all in the past….

  10. Hey S., AAAW and you threw a pretty good mini. Glad that K. and I could be there to get to know more cool people in the world.

    It’s odd, but K. and I have spoke of this before and we often find ourselves feeling “at home” in situations like this past week. You know, comfortable, more laid back, and surrounded by great people and equally good food (I know, I know cliché, but true).

    Ahhh, I miss Seattle. As Ji-in pointed out, we’ll see you in ’07 for sure. Also, you are already coming to Mpls/StP with H. this fall, so we’re all set for that.

  11. Thanks for the shout-outs everyone! Although I’m not sure any of you will read this, since I so infrequently comment on my own posts….gotta get better at that. Anyway, the weekend was great–looking forward to Seoul in a few weeks…..

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