100 Pieces of Me

(**First off: Puka–I think I’ll be at KoRoot when you’re in Korea….leave me a comment w/ your e-mail [won’t publish it] so we can meet up w/ Bunny Boy.)

At first, I wasn’t going to do this b/c I thought I wouldn’t be able to come up with 100 things…..but I’ve been inspired by Soon-young and others with your hilarious lists. Be forewarned that I might be repeating tidbits that have previously appeared here.

1. I didn’t try Korean food until I was 21-years-old and a senior in college.
2. The exchange student that introduced me to Korean food was someone I initially avoided, because she was so Korean, and I was so in denial.
3. Later that same year, I traveled back to Korea for the first time and stayed with this exchange student (my dear, dear friend B.) and her family.
4. The same month that I met B. was the month that my Korean mother passed away.
5. I lived in Korea for two months before even bothering to learn to read 한글.
6. I love, love dancing.
7. When I was little, I took tap, jazz, and ballet lessons.
8. When we had recitals, I was often the only 5-year-old actually dancing.
9. I remember looking around at my non-dancing peers and thinking, “What’s wrong with them??” (See here.)
10. I used to fantasize about joining the American Ballet Theatre or NYC Ballet Company.
11. Said fantasies were prompted by watching Mikael Barishnikov’s version of The Nutcracker every year on PBS and reading this book about a girl who played Clara in the NYCBC version.
12. Ballet, Fame, The Muppets Take Manhattan, and Sesame Street began my life-long fascination with New York City.
13. Said fascination culminated in several trips to NYC from Boston via the Chinatown buses as an adult.
14. Once stayed at a terrible hostel in Times Square where I was afraid to touch anything in the communal bathrooms.
15. Sex and the City character that I’m most like: well, I believe that every woman has a little bit of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte in her. If I had to choose, I’d say……eh, this isn’t really choosing, but some combination of Carrie and Miranda. The other two are too extreme (although I’ve had my moments).
16. I also wanted to be a Fly Girl.
17. I signed up for a hip-hop dance class this quarter at the UW, but ended up only going to a few lessons, because the instructor’s voice sounded too much like my roommate.
18. One of these days, I want to learn how to really salsa instead of faking it like I do now.
19. Gotta get off this dancing theme. I hate, hate, HATE cooking.
20. Because of this, I’ve been known to eat frozen peas out of the bag with a spoon for dinner.
21. I never make lists when I go to the grocery store.
22. Weirdest thing I ever ate/drank: I once drank Egg Beaters from the carton, thinking it was egg nog.
23. As an 8-year-old, I once proudly told my grandma that I was going to wear my “birthday suit” for my birthday dinner.
24. I was obsessed with all manner of girly toys as a child: Barbies, My Little Ponies, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Pound Puppies, etc.
25. I was also obsessed with makeup, because my mom was an Avon lady for a while.
26. I used to strongly identify with the African-American models in the Avon catalogs, simply because they weren’t white.
27. I once created a board game in 6th grade called “Choose Your Parents.”
28. I hated going to Holt family get-togethers when I was little, because the other little Korean adoptee girls were snotty and made fun of me for not wearing frilly dresses and not going to church.
29. My career ambition when I was 6-years-old was to be a cashier at K-Mart.
30. My favorite board game at the time was “Blue Light Special.”
31. I still love board games now–especially “Catchphrase.”
32. I once won a “Catchphrase” game with S.C.H. by only saying “short….gay….” and somehow she was able to guess “Richard Simmons.”
33. The only bone I’ve ever broken was my little toe on my right foot.
34. It broke when I landed on it after doing a round-off.
35. The first week of college, I fell asleep in an awkward position while turning off my alarm, causing my legs to “fall asleep,” too.
36. I woke up all of a sudden, realized I was late, and promptly hopped out of bed.
37. Immediately, I collapsed to the floor (because I couldn’t feel my legs), causing a third degree sprain to my ankle.
38. I can be kind of clumsy (see above).
39. My French name in high school was “Isabelle.”
40. I scored a “3” on the French AP exam.
41. Now, the only French words I can remember are the ones said by cartoon characters in Beauty and the Beast.
42. I first learned that “ejaculate” has multiple meanings while reading Wuthering Heights in middle school.
43. I, too, learned about sex from stealing my mom’s smutty Julie Garwood romance novels.
44. I have a weakness for slightly higher quality romance novels, like Gone With the Wind and The Thorn Birds (both of which I read in middle school).
45. Back then, I thought Richard Chamberlain in The Thorn Birds and the dude who played Ashley Wilkes in GWTW were both h-o-t.
46. My taste in men has since improved.
47. I took piano lessons for 16 years.
48. I was voted into the Secretary position for student division of The Kansas City Music Club.
49. I had the worst technique of all the other Asian kids in that club.
50. During piano competitions, I would sometimes make mistakes only because my hands were shaking so badly.
51. My favorite pieces to play during competitions were duets.
52. From 2nd-5th grade, my duet partner was B.B., who I had an enormous crush on.
53. We were a powerhouse at duets–unbeatable at state competitions.
54. B.B. and I both ended up going to medical school—-and both ended up dropping out.
55. I dropped out after 3 weeks….he dropped out after 5 years of a 6-year program.
56. He’s now a manager for Banana Republic.
57. He sold me a dress from BR that I ended up wearing to an AIDS benefit in college that I attended with my then-boyfriend.
58. I didn’t have my first “real” boyfriend until I was a senior in college.
59. He had halitosis.
60. I once baked him a heart-shaped cake made of white chocolate for his birthday.
61. I broke up with him about a month later.
62. Although I hate cooking, I did go on a baking spree for about a year or so.
63. I’m a sucker for cheesy magazines at the airport and the grocery store.
64. The first thing I do when I get a new magazine is to tear out all the subscription cards.
65. I’m having a hard time coming up with things for this list that are PG-13 or less.
66. I have only recently become someone who enjoys getting drunk.
67. It started in Korea, 2004.
68. I did not smoke a cigarette until….I went to Korea.
69. It was a clove.
70. I have still never tried any illegal drugs, despite numerous attempts by friends to get me to do so.
71. The first time I got drunk was freshman year of college, sitting in a dorm room, drinking wine coolers mixed with rum.
72. I promptly threw up into a take-out Chinese delivery bag an hour later.
73. The last time I threw up from drinking……was March of this year on the Ave in the U-District.
74. Strangely, I didn’t throw up from drinking during my entire stay in Korea of 13 months.
75. I can’t stand having my fingernails be long.
76. I have not read a proper book since I started grad school again.
77. I once tried to write a literary analysis of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for my writing about literature course in college.
78. The only research I could find on Oz was all pseudo-Freudian analysis of the film.
79. Instead, for that class I chose to attack Harold Bloom, out-of-touch malcontent at Yale, and his ideas about the literary “canon.”
80. I first learned the definition of “döppelganger” while reading a film review of Batman Returns.
81. That’s still my favorite Batman movie.
82. I love film and subscribed to Entertainment Weekly when I was in middle school.
83. I’m going to the Seattle International Film Festival this week.
84. Will see Eve and the Fire Horse on Tuesday.
85. Will see Americanese on Wednesday.
86. My first trip outside of the U.S. was to Spain, France, and Switzerland as a high school student.
87. When we went to the Musée d’Orsay, we spent the entire time in the gift shop looking at Monet posters.
88. I would like to go back to France someday, to make better use of my time there.
89. I’ve still never been to Canada or Mexico.
90. I have white hairs.
91. I started getting white hairs when I was in middle school.
92. These days, I’ll pull them out of my head with tweezers. Kind of obsessively.
93. I’ve been to 32 states in the U.S.
94. When I say “been to,” I mean that I at least spent the night there.
95. Have never been to but would love to go to Vegas, Miami, and Arizona.
96. I once tried snowboarding….mostly to impress a guy.
97. My 2nd time snowboarding, I fell all the way down the (green) run.
98. I will probably now stick with snow shoeing for snow sports.
99. I can’t believe I made it here to the end.
100. I’m leaving for Korea in less than a week!!!!



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11 responses to “100 Pieces of Me

  1. Jay

    Awesome list. A great little peek into your life and mind.

  2. I cried at #20.
    I hope your anxieties end up being baseless. Have a safe journey and an amazing summer–stay in touch. Take care, and don’t eat at McDonald’s.

  3. Great job! It was fun to read all about you. For the first two years that I smoked, it was only cloves, all the way. Sometimes I still crave ’em.

    Lucky you, going to Korea. Have a fantastic time. Hope you update while you’re there . . .

    ps. I owe you an email. will do that right away

  4. great list! i was going to tag you, but thought you might be too busy. but so glad you did it! i laughed so hard at the not enjoying getting drunk until Korea 2004. same here! still a lightweight, but more apt to have a drink than before Korea. i also have gray hair and obsessively pluck them from my head. so annoying!

    have a great time in Korea. looking forward to next summer in Seoul!

  5. soonyoung

    Whew! I get little white hairs too. Most of the time they’re really short, but sometimes they grow out into full fledged long strands of hair. My theory is that all women in their late 20s get white hair, but its just more noticeable in hair as black as ours. I could be wrong. But it’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. So there!

    I LOL at #9. I LOL at a lot of your list, but especially that number.

  6. #22 Gross!!!

    #29 Classic! Hahah heheh aah!

  7. #11 — I think I know that book! It was my FAVORITE when I was about 7 or 8. I read it so much, I wore it out.

    LOL at #42…

    I’m SO excited for your summer in Korea. I hope you keep bloggin’, keep IMin’ and take lots of Flickr photos. 🙂 Happy packing!

  8. Kat

    So much fun. Loved it! Have a wonderful time in Korea and know I’ll be jealous, sitting in the Midwest.

  9. I LOL’ed throughout this post. I’m going to tag myself for you 😉

    #33 Haha! I actually met Richard Simmons randomly in a mall one day. My mom and her cousin and a whole buch of kids (me, my sibs, and our cousins) were running around, and it looked like all of us belonged to my mother and her cousin. He insisted on having a picture taken with all of us because he was so flabbergasted with how many kids he was CONVINCED these two short Filipino women had. He said we “must be Catholics!” Hilarious! Have you ever played “Taboo?” I’m sure you have. I wish there was a way to order more cards.

    #39 My French name was “Anne.” What a cop-out.

    #44 How did you feel about the movie, though? Me, not so much. Too many issues.

    #56-57 I love BR!

    #59 Is that why you guys broke up? That would have been reason enough for me.

    #93 Which 18 states have you not yet visited?

    #100 Have a blast!!! Did you get your packing done? Keep blogging while you’re over there! I’ll be blogging with a drawl by the time you get back 😉 Great to chat with you the other night.

  10. These lists are hard. Good job, and very interesting. Have fun in Korea!!!

  11. Hye-Rim

    That list is brilliant!:D

    #80 Juuust to let you know that it’s actually “Doppelgänger”.;) I have yet to watch a Batman movie… I will, one day…!

    #89 You should come and visit me in Canada~

    #100 Have a wonderful time in Korea! I envy you!!!!! Hahaha~ (But seriously.) ENJOY you Summer!

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