Am sitting here on the couch, drained from today, yet feel compelled to blog.

Thanks, everyone, for actually reading my 100 things! I got stuck a few times while writing it, but it was still fun to do.

I have no furniture now……today, we moved the stuff that I’m storing for the summer to my friend/classmate’s garage. (Keeping my fingers crossed that one of her housemates moves out at the end of the summer so that I can conveniently move in.) I’m so relieved to have this big part of transitioning over with…..thanks in large part to W.E., so handy with those IKEA Allen wrenches.

This goes down in history as my easiest move ever. The entire process only took from 9am-2pm. Didn’t pick up the U-Haul truck until 11am. Much better than moving cross-country or overseas……Also, every year I scale down more and more. I think about the sheer amount of crap that I used to ferry around during moves, and I laugh. (I told my mom this year to sell all of my kitchen-related stuff in a garage sale.)

My room is barren, save for various piles of things that I need to eventually pack in my suitcases. An assortment of clothes, all the books I started and didn’t finish this year, some UW/Seattle-themed gifts for my Korean family. It’s bizarre….in some ways I feel like I just returned from Korea. I’ve come full circle–sleeping on my roommate’s comfy couch, the sliding glass door slightly open with the mild Seattle breeze sneaking through.

Usually, I start to feel nostalgic when I pack up and move, although I don’t feel like this now. I don’t really have any sort of emotional attachments to this living space. Also, I’ll only be gone for three months, and I’m coming back here to Seattle again.

I’ve been feeling extremely anxious, however, about returning to Korea. Alternating with excitement/anticipation. It’s similar to how I felt in summer 2004, although on a much lesser scale. If 2004 was a 10 on the anxiety scale, then right now is about a 6. Maybe less. Ehh, this is a less-polished-than-usual post, so bear with me. I feel like I’m in that limbo period again, rootless, living out of my suitcase. Part of me gets an adrenaline rush from it, but another part feels fatigued and a bit disembodied. In a lot of ways, it’s so much simpler….

Two quick things to blog about: Americanese and MySpace.

Went to the SIFF showing of Americanese tonight with a posse made up of Evans School peeps, and AAAW friends. I was excited to see Shawn Wong before we sat down, and then we all kept running into people we know. The Seattle APIA community made a strong turn-out for the show, which was a great atmosphere to watch the film in. I haven’t yet read the book upon which the film is based (American Knees), although I have a copy now that I’m set to read on the plane. I enjoyed the film (particularly all the lingering shots of various APIA studies book covers), although I felt the tone was a tad ponderous. Lots of shots of people looking sad, sitting at kitchen tables. The ending is odd, too, although it makes me very curious to read the book. Normally, I’ve read a book before seeing the film version, so this will be interesting. Joan Chen is amazing. Kelly Hu looks like she’s had some plastic surgery. After the show, there was a Q&A with Wong, Eric Byler (director), and some of the cast (Allison Sie and Chris Tashima [so handsome in the film, but was wearing a terrible bowling shirt tonight–ouch]). Wong was charming and seemed to know everyone in the theater. Found out the film was financed 100% by Asian-American supporters. Go us!

MySpace–I was so skeptical when I joined last fall. I resisted for a long time, because I assumed it was only for 18-year-old girls who like to write in indecipherable online-speak. But I’ve come across so many random people from back in the day! I know it freaks some people out when you hear from a dude that you last saw as an awkward 11-year-old in middle school, but I find it charming. And I just heard tonight from the guy who used to live across the hall from me my junior year at Creighton. I had the biggest crush on him for a year, and I ended up asking him (through e-mail) to my sorority’s spring formal. We sort-of dated for the summer following, although it ended up disastrously, due to our mutual inexperience. (Late bloomer, remember) I guess he’s a refractive surgery technician by day now, DJ by night. In Omaha. It’s things like this that make me laugh.

You can only resist for so long, A.Lee!!!!!

Btw, to the person I’ve been keeping up until 5am++ recently–I’m going to miss you this summer. 🙂

More coherent posts to follow.



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5 responses to “Interim

  1. I’m thinking of you lots Sarah! Eager to here how things go as you get settled into KoRoot.

  2. Amy

    MySpace is eeeeevil! Stop pressuring this A. Lee person to join, whoever she is. She sounds totally wise and cool though. Probably dead sexy too.

    Ahem. Anyway, have an awesome summer! I’m so jealous! Exclamation point! Seriously, have fun, drink lots of soju, and say hi to my awesome Rose class for me. And when you get back, let’s hit up Vegas! It’s time we got drunk together…

  3. Oops, I meant “HEAR” not “HERE”. Dammit! No more comments written when I’m in a hurry at work and trying to cover up the fact that I’m blogging instead of working…

  4. Gar

    You were at the “Americanese” showing too, eh? Shawn Wong was hilarious; still as personable as when I remember meeting him as an undergrad.

    Maybe I might have seen ya there… then again, I’m too good with faces and all us Asians look alike, right? Haha.


  5. soon young

    Are you there yet Sarah? I’ve been wondering about you and was actually counting down while you were on your flight (I’m weird). I kept thinking, “If her flight left on time, she will be in Korea in ____ hours!”

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