I am here in Korea! Since arriving, I’ve had zero time to myself, thus the online absence. Last week was filled with IKAA leadership meetings (as well as imbibing soju, singing in noraebangs, watching Korea lose to Switzerland, etc.), and this week I’m staying with my Korean family, so I still won’t have much time to myself until next week, when I move to KoRoot. The only reason that I’m able to type this now is that I’m in the G.O.A.’L office, beginning the first day of my internship. N.S. has blessedly given me some time to organize myself, given that I’ve been go-go-going since Day 1, so I’m finally posting! Hopefully, I will be able to put up my pictures (lots of fun ones from watching the soccer match at City Hall–imagine a sea of Koreans, in red, “대~한민국!”) and do a real post early next week.

Being here now, I notice how Korea is not as exotic to me as it was coming the first two times. This is both encouraging and disappointing, because while it’s nice to think of Seoul as a familiar place, at the same time my sense of awe and curiosity at being here has been lost.

Thank you to all of you who’ve been sending me e-mails and leaving MySpace comments. I’m thinking of you, too! Wish you could be here to experience the craziness!



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8 responses to “Here!

  1. Am very glad that you’re doing well. Sounds like a lot of fun, though also busy with the IKAA meetings.

  2. Can’t wait to hear more when you’ve had a chance to catch your breath. Wish I could be there, too! Miss ya.

  3. Sam

    Just make sure you behave yourself!!!

  4. Jaye

    Glad you made it and hope you get some decompression time. Looking forward to the pics.

  5. hey sarah,

    glad you made it there ok. and hopefully you’re enjoying the fact that you’re super busy. it’s been a rough first few days here in chennai, but having thrown myself into work has helped.

    hopefully you can now take a breather and relax with your family. keep us all updated!


  6. Andrea

    I don’t even know what you said, it was encoded! I hope you have fun with your fam, I wanted to give you an anglicized korean message to give to them, but nothing I can come up with seems appropriate. Jung-shin-che-dyo somehow doesn’t seem right. Tell me all about how things are over there so I can shed my whitey outer layer vicariously through you.

    Was I the A Lee that you shouted out to? A Lee is the Korean Jane Doe.

  7. Hehehe, hey Andrea! Actually, the A. Lee I was referring to is a former co-worker of mine from the old days in Sanbon at JEL hagwon. But I thought Grace Lee was the Korean Jane Doe! Anyway, what was encoded? The hangeul or the entire post? Anyway, glad you stopped by! I hope to have pics up soon. Enjoying D.C.??

  8. You made it!

    I have no great comment to make. Just wanted to say hi and we’ve missed your activity in blogland and I look forward to hearing more about your happenings in S.K.

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