Posting eventually

I realize that the date of my last post is misleading. It actually didn’t get published until this week (June 26). So actually, it will be this weekend that I’ll finally be able to post. I mean really post, which for me, means photos. So after I go to get Magic Straight this Sunday (July 2), I’ll come back to KoRoot and spend a few blissful hours finally uploading my photos. For me, I have to go through those first before I can write about these past 2 weeks. I need a visual narrative first. Today, I’m finishing up my first week at G.O.A.’L. Will be going to Suji tomorrow to spend the day with more of my Korean family, and then Sunday morning my Korean-fam-intensive week will come to close, and I’ll have more time to do personal internet business.

Until then…..안녕…….


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