…for the G.O.A.’L Conference to officially begin. The dinner begins at 7:00 p.m., and I have a feeling most people won’t show up to register until 6:00 at the earliest. Also waiting for the Conference booklets to arrive. Hoping tomorrow’s Power Point presentation doesn’t wig out on me.

Next post will be next week, as I have Monday and Tuesday off (Tuesday is Independence/Liberation Day). Most likely a G.O.A.’L Conference wrap-up…..and one of these days I want to write a KoRoot-themed post.

Highlight of this weekend will be Saturday’s after-party–Amy Anderson will perform, along with an adoptee band…..


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One response to “Waiting

  1. It’s rounding 6 pm Saturday in what I have assumed is our shared time zone, so you must be getting ready for the big G.O.A.’L bash. Don’t do what I did. You gonna do what you did again? 😉

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