Conference Wrap-Up

First things first: about 100 new photos up on my Flickr site. (Looks like I need to add some more family photos . . . forgot to take pictures when I went to eat samgyetang with Mi Sun recently.) This post is going to be rambling and disorganized, just to let you know, because I need to meet some people for dinner in about 20 minutes, but I want to get this down before the work week starts (had Monday and today off . . . fantastic mini-vacation that I’ve spent mostly sleeping).

It was incredibly, incredibly busy in the G.O.A.’L office during the two weeks prior to the conference. I spent a lot of time working on our Power Point presentation for IKAA (which ended up turning out nicely, despite some font headaches), thanks to T.Y. for kicking my ass into gear. 🙂

The first night was Friday, which was basically the opening ceremony/dinner, and JJT & KPN’s presentation of Outsiders Within. I spent a lot of time working the registration table and got a little flustered when some VIPs appeared (a consul from the U.S. embassy, etc.). Everything went very smoothly, though, for the most part. The buffet was really good, as far as Korean buffets go. Had a fun time sitting with C. from Denmark at the “special” IKAA table, which happened to be situated directly beneath the blasting air conditioner. Only time that I’ve been cold here this summer.

The speeches by the Korean officials were mostly non-offensive, mostly forgettable. JJT & KPN’s presentation was cool, and I’m looking forward to reading the book this fall.

This post is taking longer than I thought, so it will have to be continued later . . . .



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5 responses to “Conference Wrap-Up

  1. Your pictures are great! looks like so much fun…can’t wait to read your post continued. Cool that you got to meet Puka!

  2. kt

    i am so pissed that i left before the GOAL conference! BOOOO! i’m gonna check out your pics when i’m at nick’s apartment and have the luxury of hi speed internet (yes i live in the dark ages here at home…blah!) but hey, guess what? i think we’re gonna try to come to the gathering next summer! *fingers crossed, legs crossed, arms crossed…it’ll be a tight squeeze, but hopefully with both of us working this school year we can save up…i’ll keep u posted though~~

  3. Hi Sarah, I’m enjoying your updates and all the great things you’re doing over there.

  4. Hey Sarah!

    This is Lea. I guess I have started a blog on blogger…

    though I will still keep my xanga one alive. I suppose this one on blogger is more about my experience as a korean adoptee.

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