Can you tell sarahkim from butter?

I know I’m late to the party (as usual) on this, but better late than never. Fun with the Advertising Slogan Generator.

  • Making sarahkim taste better.
  • Let’s face the music & sarahkim.
  • Turn loose the Outside In . . . And Back Again.
  • Ding Dong! Outside In . . . And Back Again calling!
  • You need an Outside In . . . and Back Again.

See below for the real post.



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3 responses to “Can you tell sarahkim from butter?

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Sarah:

    I just sent a test comment to ensure I could handle the system:) Anyway, a good friend recently sent me the link to your blog. I’m in awe: knowing there are others out there asking the same questions I’ve been grappling with for over 10 years now is medicinal to say the least.

    Without getting too long-winded, I’d like to fill you in on a bit of my background. I’m currently in Beijing working as an English teacher and doing more background work for my master’s thesis: the South Koreans in Beijing, identity and opportunities.

    I’ve spent the last five years of my life — on and off — immersed in Chinese culture, including various subgroups of South Koreans living in Beijing as well as the Korean-Chinese. However, the further I progress on my work, the more I realize that – although my interactions with the Ks in B have been highly educational – I need to supplement this experiential knowledge.

    One of my academic and personal goals is to one day do a project on Korean-adoptees contribution to the diaspora. This is one of the reasons why I am intrigued by what you’re doing and would love to carry on a dialogue if you have the time.

    Also, I’m thinking of making a trip over to Seoul as I’m so close and it would be a good opportunity to meet some of the members of GOAL, effectively working on my current academic endeavor whilst – and maybe more importantly – having the chance to further understand my own identity crisis.



    contact info:

  2. Jaye

    Very funny! Line 4 sounds like the in and out my old cat used to do.

    But now I gotta ask about your blog title. Explain.

  3. the blog gen turned me into bad porn star so i decided to leave it alone. but you are right it is fun for the whole family.

    i can’t think of anything special to say so, so i’ll shut up now.

    keep bloggin along – i enjoy getting to know you virtually…

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