Moving: both blogs and apartments

Welcome to my new home at WordPress . . . . Due to many difficulties/frustrations at Blogger, I finally took the time this week to move. In the meantime, I’ve also been trying to unpack in my new apartment. Of course, organizing online is so much simpler and cleaner than organizing my real room. With the latter, I’ve managed to tackle my closet . . . and little else. 😛 Will I reach my goal of having my life in order by Wednesday (the first day of classes)? As my mom keeps asking me, “Did you get everything done?” Hmmm, “everything.” When does one ever finish doing “everything”?

I haven’t yet sorted all of my old posts into categories. Started doing that and only got about 10 posts in. Maybe that’ll be a project for a day when I want to procrastinate.

Anyway, hope you like the new place. You can see my non-virtual new place at our housewarming party next weekend, too.



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4 responses to “Moving: both blogs and apartments

  1. Happy housewarming! And happy blogwarming! Welcome to WP.

  2. You’ve abandoned us at Blogger… Hater. Welcome home, congrats on the new crib, Sarahkim. Imma see what can be done about the NY. 😉

  3. malu

    i’ve been so out of the loop. the transition into the dirrty and back into school has completely taken me away from the b-sphere. congrats on your move!! how does it feel? welcome home.

    i’ve actually been thinking about moving to wordpress myself… though my blogging habits hardly warrant such pickiness. i like that you can categorize your posts.

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